Ezekiel 33:12 Cross References - Coverdale

12 Thou sonne off man, tell the children off thy people: The rightuousnes of the rightuous shall not saue him, whan so euer he turneth awaye vnfaithfully: Agayne, the wickednesse of the wicked shal not hurte him, whan so euer he conuerteth from his vngodlynesse: And ye rightuousnesse of the rightuous shal not saue his life, when so euer he synneth.

1 Kings 8:48-50

48 and so turne vnto ye with all their hert, and with all their soule in the lode of their enemies (which led them awaye captyue) and make their prayer vnto the towarde the waye of their londe, that thou hast geuen vnto their fathers, euen towarde the cite which thou hast chosen, and towarde the house that I haue buylded vnto thy name: 49 then heare thou their prayer and supplicacion in heauen, from the seate of thy dwellynge, and execute iudgment for them, 50 and be mercifull vnto thy people that haue synned agaynst the, and vnto all their trespaces, wherwith they haue transgressed agaynst the, and graunte the mercy in the sighte of them which led them awaye presonners, that their enemyes maye be mercyfull vnto them:

2 Chronicles 7:14

14 to humble my people, which is named after my name: and yf they praye, and seke my face, and turne from their euell wayes, the wyl I heare them from heauen, and wyll forgeue their sinne, and heale their londe.

Ezekiel 3:20-21

20 Now yf a rightuous ma go fro his rightuousnesse, and do the thinge that is euell: I will laye a stomblinge blocke before him, and he shall dye, because thou hast not geuen him warninge: Yee dye shall he in his owne synne, so that the vertue, which he did before, shall not be thought vpon: but his bloude will I requyre of thine honde. 21 Neuertheles, yf thou exhortest the rightuous, that he synne not, and so ye rightuous do not synne: Then shall he lyue, because he hath receaued thy warnynge, and thou hast discharged thy soule.

Ezekiel 18:21

21 But yf ye vngodly will turne awaye, from all his synnes that he hath done, and kepe all my commaundemetes, and do the thinge ye is equall & right: doutles he shal lyue, and not dye.

Ezekiel 18:24-32

24 Agayne: yf the rightuous turne awaye from his rightuousnes, and do iniquyte, acordinge to all the abhominacions, that ye wicked ma doth: shal he lyue? All the rightuousnes that he hath done, shall not be thought vpo: but in the fawte that he hath offended withall, and in the synne that he hath done, he shal dye. 25 And yet ye saye: Tush, the waye of ye LORDE is not indifferet. Heare therfore ye house of Israel: Is not my waye right? Or, are not youre wayes rather wicked? 26 When a rightuous ma turneth awaye from his rightuousnesse, and medleth with vngodlynes: he must dye therin: Yee for the vnrightuousnes that he hath done, must he dye. 27 Agayne: when the wicked man turneth awaye from his wickednesse, that he hath done, and doth the thinge which is equall and right: he shal saue his soule alyue. 28 For in so moch as he remembreth himself, and turneth him from all the vngodlynes, that he hath vsed, he shall lyue, and not dye. 29 And yet saieth the house of Israel: Tush, the waye of the LORDE is not equall. Are my wayes vnright, o ye house of Israel? Are not youre wayes rather vnequall? 30 As for me, I wil iudge euery man, acordinge to his wayes, O ye house of Israel, saieth the LORDE God. Wherfore, be conuerted, and turne you clene from all youre wickednesse, so shal there no synne do you harme. 31 Cast awaye fro you all youre vngodlynesse, that ye haue done: make you new hertes and a new sprete. Wherfore wil ye dye, O ye house of Israel? 32 seynge I haue no pleasure in ye death of him that dyeth, saieth the LORDE God. Turne you then, and ye shal lyue.

Ezekiel 33:2

2 Thou sonne off man, Speake to the childre of thy people, and tell them: When I sende a swearde vpon a londe, yf the people off the londe take a man off their countre, and set him to be their watchman:

Ezekiel 33:18-19

18 When the rightuous turneth from his rightuousnesse, and doeth the thynge that is wicked, he shall dye therfore. 19 But yf the wicked turne from his wickednesse, doinge the thinge that is laufull and right, he shall lyue therfore.

Matthew 21:28-31

28 But what thinke ye? A certayne man had two sonnes, and came to the first, and sayde: Go thy waye my sonne, & worke to daye in my vynyarde. 29 He answered and sayde: I wil not, but afterwarde he repented, and wente. 30 He came also vnto the secode, and sayde likewyse. And he answered and saide: I wil syr. And wete not. 31 Whether of them twayne dyd the wil of the father? They sayde vnto him: the first. Iesus sayde vnto the: Verely I saye vnto you: The publicans and harlottes shal come in to the kyngdome of God before you.

Romans 3:25

25 whom God hath set forth for a Mercyseate thorow faith in his bloude, to shewe the righteousnes which avayleth before him, in that he forgeueth the synnes, which were done before vnder the sufferaunce of God, which he suffred,

1 John 2:1

1 My litle children, these thinges wryte I vnto you, that ye shulde not synne: and yf eny man synne, we haue an aduocate with the father, euen Iesus Christ which is righteous:

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