Ezekiel 27:33 Cross References - Coverdale

33 When thy wares & marchaundies came fro the sees thou gauest all people ynough. The kynges off the earth hast thou made rich, thorow the multitude off thy wares and occupienge:

Isaiah 23:3-8

3 For by see were there frutes brought vnto the, and all maner of corne by water. Thou wast the comon marcket of al people. 4 Sido is sory for it, yee and all ye power of the see coplaneth, and saieth: O yt I had neuer traueled with childe, that I had neuer borne eny, yt I had nether norished boye, ner brought vp doughter. 5 As soone as Egipte perceaueth it, she wilbe as sory as Tirus it self. 6 Go ouer the see, Mourne ye yt dwel in the Iles. 7 Is not that the glorious cite, which hath bene of longe antiquite? whose natyues dwellinge farre of, commende her so greatly? 8 Who hath deuysed soch thinges vpon Tirus the crowne of al cities, whose marchautes and captaynes were the highest and principal of the worlde?

Ezekiel 27:3

3 & saye vnto Tyre, which is a porte off the see, yt occupieth with moch people: and many Iles: thus speaketh ye LORDE God: O Tyre thou hast sayde: what, I am a noble cite.

Ezekiel 27:12-36

12 Tharsis occupide with the in all maner of wares, in syluer, yron, tynne and lead, and made thy market greate. 13 Iauan, Tubal and Mesech were thy marchauntes, which brought the men, & ornamentes off metall for thy occupyenge. 14 They off the house of Thogarma brought vnto the at the tyme off thy Marte, horse, horsmen and mules. 15 They off Dedan were thy marchautes: and many other Iles that occupyed with the, brought the wethers, elephat bones and Paycockes for a present 16 The Sirians occupied with the, because of thy dyuerse workes, and increased thy marchaundies, with Smaragdes, with scarlet, with nedle worke, wt whyte lynninge cloth, with sylcke and with Christall. 17 Iuda and the londe off Israel occupide with the, and brought vnto thy markettes, wheate, balme, hony, oyle, & triacle. 18 Damascus also vsed marchaudies with the, in the best wyne and whyte woll: because thy occupienge was so greate, and thy wares so many. 19 Dan, Iauan, and Meusal haue brought vnto thy markettes, yron redy made, with Casia and Calamus, acordinge to thyne occupienge. 20 Dedan occupied with the, in fayre tapestry worke and quy?hyns. 21 Arabia & all the princes off Cedar haue occupied wt the, in shepe, wethers and goates. 22 The marchauntes off Seba and Rema haue occupied also with the, in all costly spices, in all precious stones and golde, which they brought vnto thy marckettes. 23 Haran, Chene and Eden, the marchauntes off Saba, Assiria and Chelmad, were all doers with ye 24 and occupied with the: In costly rayment, off yalow sylke and nedle worke, (very precious, & therfore packte & boude together wt roapes) Yee and in Cedre wodde, at the tyme off yi marckettes. 25 The shippes of Tharsis were the chefe off thy occupienge. Thus thou art full, and in greate worshipe, euen in the myddest off the see. 26 Thy maryners were euer brynginge vnto the out of many waters. But ye easte wynde shal ouerbeare the in to the myddest off the see: 27 so yt thy wares, thy marchaudies, thy ryches, thy maryners, thy shipmasters, thy helpers, thy occupiers (that brought the thinges necessary) the men off warre that are in the: yee and all thy comons shall perish in the myddest off the see, in the daye off thy fall. 28 The suburbes shall shake at the loude crie off thy shippmen. 29 All whirry men, and all maryners vpo the see, shall leape out of their boates, and set them selues vpon the lode. 30 They shal lift vp their voyce because off the, and make a lamentable crye. They shall cast dust vpon their heades, ad lye downe in the asshes. 31 They shal shaue them selues, & put sacke cloth vpon them for thy sake. They shall mourne for the with hertfull sorow, 32 and heuy lamentacion, yee their children also shall wepe for the: Alas, what cite hath so bene destroyed in the see, as Tyre is? 33 When thy wares & marchaundies came fro the sees thou gauest all people ynough. The kynges off the earth hast thou made rich, thorow the multitude off thy wares and occupienge: 34 But now art thou cast downe in to the depe of the see, all thy resorte of people is perished with the. 35 All they that dwell in the Iles are abasshed at the, and all their kynges are afrayed, yee their faces haue chaunged coloure. 36 The marchauntes of the nacions wondre at the, In that thou art so clene brought to naught, & comest nomore vp.

Ezekiel 28:4-5

4 With thy wi?dome & thy vnderstodinge, thou hast gotte the greate welthynesse, and gathered treasure of syluer & golde. 5 With thy greate wi?dome and occupienge, hast thou increased thy power, and because of thy greate riches thy hert is proude.

Ezekiel 28:16

16 Because off thy greate marchaundise, thy hert is full of wickednesse, & thou hast offended. Therfore wil I cast the from the mount of God, (O thou coueringe Cherub) and destroye the amoge the glisteringe stones.

Revelation 18:3

3 for all nacios haue dronken of the wyne of the wrath of her whordome. And the kynges of the earth haue committed fornicacion with her, and her marchauntes are wexed ryche of the abundaunce of her pleasures.

Revelation 18:12-15

12 the ware of golde, and syluer, and of precious stones, off pearle, & sylke, and purple, and skarlet, & all Thynen wod, and all manner vessels of yuery, and all manner vessels of most precious wod, and of brasse, and of yron, 13 & synomom and odours, and oyntmentes, and frankynsence, and wyne, and oyle, and fyne floure, and wheate, and catell, and shepe, and horses, and charrettes, and bodies and soules of men. 14 And the apples that thy soule lusted after, are departed from the. And all thinges which were deyntie, and had in pryce, are departed from the, and thou shalt fynde them no more. 15 The marchauntes of these thinges which were wexed ryche by her, shall stonde afarre of for feare of the punysshment of her, wepynge and waylinge,

Revelation 18:19

19 And they cast dust on their heades, and cryed wepynge, and waylinge, and sayde: Alas, Alas the greate cite, wherin were made ryche all that had shippes in the see, by the reason of her wares: for at one houre is she made desolate.

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