Ezekiel 19:9 Cross References - Coverdale

9 So they bounde him with chaynes, and brought him to the kinge of Babilon: which put him in preson, that his voyce shulde nomore be herde vpon the mountaynes of Israel.

2 Kings 24:15

15 And he caryed Ioachim awaye vnto Babilon, and the kynges mother, the kinges wyues, and his chamberlaynes: and ye mightie men of the londe led he awaye presoners also from Ierusalem vnto Babilon,

2 Chronicles 36:6

6 And Nabuchodonosor the kynge of Babilon wente vp agaynst him, and bounde him with cheynes, to cary him vnto Babilon.

Jeremiah 22:18-19

18 And therfore, thus saieth the LORDE agaynst Ioachim, ye sonne of Iosias kynge of Iuda: They shall not mourne for him (as they vse to do) alas brother, alas syster: Nether shall they saye vnto him: Alas syr, alas for that noble prynce. 19 But as an Asse shall he be buried, corrupte and be cast without the gates of Ierusalem.

Jeremiah 36:30-31

30 Therfore thus the LORDE saieth, of Ioachim the kynge of Iuda: There shal none of his generacion syt vpon the trone of Dauid. His deed corse shalbe cast out, that the heat off the daye, and the frost of the night maye come vpon him: 31 And I will vyset the wickednes of him, of his sede, and of his seruauntes. Morouer all the euell that I haue promised the (though they herde me not) will I bringe vpon them, vpon ye inhabitours of Ierusalem, and vpon all Iuda.

Ezekiel 6:2

2 Thou sonne off man, turne thy face to the mountaynes of Israel, that thou mayest prophecie vnto them,

Ezekiel 19:7

7 he destroyed their palaces, and made their cities waist: In so moch that the whole londe and euery thinge therin, were vtterly desolate, thorow the very voyce of his roaringe.

Ezekiel 36:1

1 Thou sonne of man, prophecie vpon the mountaynes of Israel, & speake: Heare the worde of the LORDE, o ye mountaynes of Israel:
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