Exodus 34:19 Cross References - Coverdale

19 All yt first breaketh the Matrix, is myne, soch as shalbe male amoge ye catell, yt breaketh the Matrix, whether it be oxe or shepe.

Exodus 13:2

2 Sanctifie vnto me euery firstborne, yt breaketh all maner of Matrices amonge the childre of Israel, both of men & catell: for they are myne.

Exodus 13:12

12 then shalt thou sunder out vnto the LORDE all that breaketh the Matrice, and firstborne amonge thy catell, soch as is male.

Exodus 22:29

29 Thy drie and moist frutes shalt thou not kepe backe. Thy first sonne shalt thou geue vnto me.

Numbers 18:15-17

15 All that breaketh the Matrix amonge all flesh, which they brynge vnto the LORDE, whether it be man or beest, shalbe thine. But so, that thou cause the firstborne of ma to be redemed, and that thou cause the first borne of vncleane beestes to be redemed also 16 (They shal redeme it whan it is a moneth olde, and shall geue it lowse for money, euen for fyue Sycles, after the Sycle of the Sanctuary, which Sycle is worth twentye Geras.) 17 But the first frutes of an oxe, or lambe, or goate shalt thou not cause to be redemed for they are holy. Their bloude shalt thou sprenkle vpon the altare, and their fat shalt thou burne for an offerynge of a swete sauoure vnto ye LORDE.

Ezekiel 44:30

30 The firstlinges of all the first frutes, and all fre will offringes shal be the prestes. Ye shall geue vnto the prest also the firstlinges of youre dowe, that God maye prospere the resydue.

Luke 2:23

23 (As it is wrytten in the lawe of the LORDE: Euery machilde that first openeth the Matrix, shalbe called holy vnto ye LORDE)

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