Exodus 28:32 Cross References - Coverdale

32 and aboue in the myddest there shal be an hole, and a bonde folden together rounde aboute the hole, that it rente not.

Exodus 39:28

28 & ye myter of whyte sylke, and the goodly bonettes of whyte sylke, and breches of twyned whyte lynnen,

2 Chronicles 26:14

14 And Osias prepared for all the hoost, shyldes, speares, helmettes, brestplates, bowes and slyngstones.

Nehemiah 4:16

16 And from that time forth it came to passe, yt the halfe parte of the yonge men dyd the laboure, & the other halfe parte helde the speares, shyldes, bowes, and brestplates, and the rulers stode behynde all the house of Iuda,

Job 41:26

26 Yff he drawe out the swearde, there maye nether speare ner brest plate abyde him.

John 19:23-24

23 The sondyers, whan they had crucifyed Iesus, toke his garmentes, and made foure partes, to euery soudyer one patte, and the cote also. As for the cote, it was vnsowed fro aboue, wrought thorow and thorow. 24 Then sayde they one to another: Let vs not deuyde it, but cast lottes for it, who shal haue it, that the scripture might be fulfilled, which sayeth: They haue parted my garmentes amonge them, and on my cote haue they cast lottes. This dyd the soudyers in dede.

Ephesians 4:3-16

3 and be diligent to kepe the vnite of the sprete thorow the bonde of peace. 4 One body and one sprete, eue as ye are called in one hope of youre callynge. 5 One LORDE, one faith, one baptyme, 6 one God and father of vs all, which is aboue all, and thorow all, and in you all. 7 Vnto euery one of vs is geuen grace, acordinge to the measure off the gifte off Christ. 8 Therfore sayeth he: He is gone vp an hye, and hath led awaye captiuyte captyue, and hath geue giftes vnto men. 9 That he wente, vp what is it, but that he first came downe in to ye lowest partes of ye earth? 10 He that came downe, is euen the same which is gone vp aboue all heauens, to fulfill all. 11 And ye same hath set some to be Apostles, some to be prophetes, some to be Euangelistes, some to be shepherdes & teachers, 12 wherby the sayntes mighte be coupled together thorow comen seruyce to the edifienge of ye body of Christ, 13 tyll we all come vnto one maner of faith and knowlege of the sonne of God, and become a perfecte man in to the measure of the perfecte age of Christ 14 that we be nomore children, waueringe & caried aboute with euery wynde of doctryne thorow the wickednes of men and craftynes, wherby they laye awayte for vs to disceaue vs. 15 But let vs folowe the trueth in loue, and in all thinges growe in him, which is the heade, euen Christ, 16 in whom all the body is coupled together, and one membre hangeth by another thorow out all ye ioyntes. Wherby one mynistreth vnto another (acordinge to the operacion as euery membre hath his measure) and maketh, that ye body groweth to the edifienge of it selfe in loue.

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