Exodus 28:31 Cross References - Coverdale

31 Thou shalt make the tunykle also to the ouerbody cote all of yalow sylke,

Exodus 28:4

4 These are ye garmentes which they shal make: a brestlappe, an ouerbody cote, a tunycle, an albe, a myter and girdell. Thus shal they make holy garmentes for yi brother Aaro and his sonnes, that he maye be my prest.

Exodus 28:28

28 And the brestlappe shall be fastened by his rynges vnto the rynges of the ouerbody cote with a yalow lace, that it maye lye close vpon the ouerbody cote, and that the brestlappe be not lowsed from the ouerbody cote.

Exodus 39:22-26

22 And he made the tunycle vnto the ouerbody cote, wrought all of yalow sylke, 23 & the hole therof aboue in the myddest, & a bonde folde together rounde aboute the hole, that it shulde not rente. 24 And beneth vpon ye hemme of it, they made pomgranates of yalow sylke, scarlet, purple, & whyte twyned sylke: 25 & they made belles of pure golde, which they put betwixte ye pomgranates rounde aboute vpon the hemme of the tunycle, a bell & a pomgranate, 26 a bell & a pomgranate rounde aboute, to do seruyce in, as the LORDE commaunded Moses.

Leviticus 8:7

7 and put the albe vpo him, and girde him with the girdell, and put vpon him the yalowe tunycle, and put the ouerbody cote vpon him, and girde him vpon the ouerbody cote,

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