Exodus 21:8 Cross References - Coverdale

8 But yf she please not hir master, and he haue not maried her, then shal he let her go fre: but to sell her vnto a strauge people he hath no auctorite, for so moch as he hath despysed her.

Genesis 28:8

8 seynge also that Isaac his father loked not gladly vpon the doughters of Canaan,

Exodus 8:29

29 Moses sayde: Beholde, whan I am come forth from ye, I wil praye vnto ye LORDE, yt the cruell wormes maye be taken from Pharao, & from his seruautes, & fro his people, euen tomorow: onely disceaue me nomore, that thou woldest not let the people go to do sacrifice vnto the LORDE.

Deuteronomy 20:7

7 Who so hath spoused a wyfe, and hath not yet brought her home, let him go, and byde at home, yt he die not in the battayll, & another brynge her home.

Deuteronomy 21:11-14

11 and seist amoge the captyues a bewtyfull woman, & hast a desyre vnto her to take her to thy wife, 12 the brynge her home to thine house, and let her shaue hir heade, and pare hir nayles, 13 and put of hir clothes that she was taken presoner in, and let her sit in thine house, and mourne for hir father and mother a moneth longe after that lye with her, and mary her, and let her be thy wife. 14 But yf thou haue no fauoure vnto her, then shalt thou let her go whither she wyll, and not to sell her, ner to make cheuesaunce of her, because thou hast dishonoured her.

Judges 9:19

19 Yf ye haue done right now and iustly vnto Ierubaal and his house this daye, then reioyse ouer Abimelech, and let him reioyse ouer you.

Judges 14:3

3 His father & his mother sayde vnto him: Is there not a woman amonge the doughters of yi brethren, & in all yi people, but thou must go & take a wife amoge the Philistynes, which are vncircumcised? Samson sayde vnto his father: Geue me this woma, for she pleaseth myne eyes.

1 Samuel 8:6

6 The was Samuel displeased wha they sayde: Geue vs a kynge, to iudge as. And Samuel prayed before the LORDE.

1 Samuel 18:8

8 Then was Saul very wroth, and yt worde displeased him sore, and he sayde: They haue ascrybed ten thousande vnto Dauid, and but one thousande vnto me: what shal he haue more but the kyngdome?

Job 6:15

15 Myne owne brethren passe ouer by me as the waterbroke, that hastely runneth thorow ye valleys.

Malachi 2:11-15

11 Now hath Iuda offended: yee the abhominacion is done in Israel and in Ierusale, for Iuda hath defyled the Sactuary of the LORDE, which he loued, and hath kepte the doughter of a straunge God. 12 But the LORDE shal destroye the ma that doth this (yee both the master & the scolar) out off the tabernacle of Iacob, with him that offreth vp meatofferynge vnto the LORDE off hoostes. 13 Now haue ye brought it to this poynte agayne, that the aulter of the LORDE is couered with teares wepynge and mournynge: so that I will nomore regarde the meatofferynge, nether wil I receaue or accepte enythinge at youre hodes. 14 And yet ye saye: wherfore? Euen because that where as the LORDE made a couenaut betwixte ye and the wife off thy youth, thou hast despysed her: Yet is she thyne owne copanyon and maried wife. 15 So dyd not the one, & yet had he an excellent sprete. What dyd then the one? He sought the sede promised of God. Therfore loke well to youre sprete, & let no man despyse ye wife of his youth.

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