Exodus 20:5 Cross References - Coverdale

5 Worshipe them not, and serue them not: for I the LORDE thy God am a gelouse God, vysitinge ye synne of the fathers vpon the children, vnto ye thirde and fourth generacion, of them that hate me:

Exodus 23:24

24 then shalt thou not worshipe their goddes, ner serue them, nether shalt thou do as they do, but shalt ouerthrowe their goddes, & breake the downe.

Exodus 34:6-7

6 And whan ye LORDE passed by before his face, he cryed: LORDE LORDE, God, mercifull & gracious, & longe sufferinge, and of greate mercy and trueth, 7 thou that kepest mercy in stoare for thousandes, and forgeuest wickednes, trespace and synne (before whom there is no man innocent) thou that visitest the wickednesse of the fathers vpon ye children and childers children, vnto the thirde and fourth generacion.

Exodus 34:14

14 for thou shalt worshipe no other god. For ye LORDE is called gelous, because he is a gelous God:

Leviticus 20:5

5 yet wyl I set my face agaynst the same man, & agaynst his generacion: And him, and all that go a whorynge with him after Moloch, wyll I rote out from amonge their people.

Leviticus 26:1

1 Ye shall make you no Idols ner ymage, and ye shal reare you vp no piler, ner set vp eny markstone in youre londe, to bowe youre selues therto. For I am the LORDE youre God.

Leviticus 26:29

29 so that ye shal eate the flesh of youre sonnes and doughters.

Leviticus 26:39-40

39 And they that are left of you, shall pyne awaye in their mysdede, euen in the enemies londe, and in the mysdedes of their fathers shall they consume awaye. 40 Then shall they knowlege their mysdedes, and the mysdedes of their fathers in the trespace, wherwith they haue trespaced agaynst me, and walked contrary vnto me.

Numbers 14:18

18 The LORDE is of longe sufferaunce and of greate mercy, and forgeueth synne and trespace, and leaueth no man innocent, & vysiteth the my?dede of the fathers vpon the children in to the thirde and fourth generacion.

Numbers 14:33

33 and yor children shal wander in this wildernesse fourtye yeares, & beare yor whordome, tyll yor carcases be waisted in the wildernesse,

Deuteronomy 4:24

24 For the LORDE thy God is a consumynge fyre and a gelous God.

Deuteronomy 5:9

9 Thou shalt not honor them, ner serue the. For I ye LORDE yi God am a gelous God, vysitinge the synne of the fathers vpo the children, vnto the thirde and fourth generacion, of the yt hate me:

Deuteronomy 6:15

15 (for the LORDE thy God is a gelous God in the myddest of the) that the wrath of the LORDE thy God waxe not whote ouer the, and destroye the from the earth.

Deuteronomy 7:10

10 And rewardeth them that hate him, before his face, that he maye destroye them: and wyll not be longe in tarienge to rewarde them (before his face) that hate him.

Deuteronomy 32:21

21 They haue prouoked me in it that is not God: wt their vanites haue they angred me. And I agayne wil prouoke them, by those that are no people: by a foolish nacion wil I anger them.

Deuteronomy 32:41

41 Yf I whet ye edge of my swerde, and my hande take holde of iudgment, then wyll I auenge me on myne enemies, and rewarde them that hate me.

Joshua 23:7

7 that ye come not amonge ye remnaunt of these nacios, which are with you: And se that ye make no mencion ner sweare by the names of their goddes, nether serue them, ner bowe youre selues vnto them:

Joshua 23:16

16 yf ye transgresse ye couenaunt of the LORDE youre God, which he hath commaunded you. And yf ye go yor waye and serue other goddes, and worshipe the, then shall the wrath of the LORDE waxe whote ouer you, & shall shortly destroye you out of the good londe, yt he hath geuen you.

Joshua 24:19

19 Iosua sayde vnto the people: Ye can not serue the LORDE: for he is an holy God, mightie, and gelous, which spareth not youre trangressions and synnes.

Judges 2:19

19 Neuertheles whan the iudge dyed, they turned backe, and marred all more the their fathers, so that they folowed other goddes to serue them and to bowe them selues vnto them: they wolde not fall from their purposes, ner from their obstinate waye.

1 Samuel 15:2-3

2 Thus sayeth ye LORDE Zebaoth: I haue remembred what Amaleck dyd vnto Israel, & how he layed wayte for him in ye waye, whan he wente out of Egipte: 3 Go yi waye now therfore, and smyte the Amalechites, & damne them with all that they haue, & spare him not: but slaye both man and woman, children & sucklynges, oxen & shepe, Camels and asses.

2 Samuel 21:1

1 There was a derth also in Dauids tyme thre yeares together. And Dauid soughte the face of ye LORDE. And the LORDE sayde: Because of Saul and because of that bloudy housholde yt he slewe the Gibeonites.

2 Samuel 21:6

6 Let there be geuen vs seuen men of his sonnes, that we maye hange them vp vnto the LORDE at Gibea of Saul the chosen of the LORDE. The kynge sayde: I wyll geue them.

1 Kings 21:29

29 Hast thou not sene how Achab humbleth him selfe before me? For so moch now as he hubleth him selfe in my sighte, I wil not brynge that plage whyle he lyueth: but by his sonnes life wil I brynge mysfortune vpon his house.

2 Kings 17:35

35 and made a couenaunt with them, and commaunded them, and sayde: Feare none other goddes, and worshipe them not, and serue them not, and offer not vnto them:

2 Kings 17:41

41 Thus these Heythen feared the LORDE, and serued their Idols also, and so dyd their children and childers childre likewyse. Eue as their fathers haue done before them, so do they vnto this daye.

2 Kings 23:26

26 Yet turned not the LORDE from the indignacion of his greate wrath, wherwith he was displeased ouer Iuda, because of all the prouocacion wherwith Manasses had prouoked him.

2 Chronicles 25:14

14 And whan Amasias came agayne from the slaughter of the Edomites, he broughte the goddes of the children of Seir, and made them his goddes, and worshipped before them, & brent incense vnto them.

Job 5:4

4 that his children were without prosperite or health: that they were slayne in the dore, and no ma to delyuer them:

Job 21:19

19 And though God saue their childre from soch sorowe, yet wil he so rewarde theselues, that they shal knowe it.

Psalms 78:58

58 But turned their backes and fell awaye like their forefathers, startinge asyde like a broken bowe.

Psalms 79:8

8 O remebre not oure olde synnes, but haue mercy vpon vs (& that soone) for we are come to greate mysery.

Psalms 81:15

15 I shulde soone put downe their enemies, & turne myne hode agaynst their aduersaries.

Psalms 109:14

14 Let them be allwaye before the LORDE, but as for the memoriall of them selues, let it perish from out of the earth.

Proverbs 6:34-35

34 For the gelousy & wrath of the ma will not be itreated, 35 no though thou woldest ofre him greate giftes to make amendes, he will not receaue them.

Proverbs 8:36

36 But who so offendeth agaynst me, hurteth his owne soule. All they that hate me, are the louers of death.

Isaiah 14:20-21

20 and art not buried wt them? Euen because that thou hast waisted thy lode, and destroyed thy people. For the generacion of the wicked shalbe without honor, for euer. 21 There shal a waye be sought to destroye their childre, for their fathers wickednes: they shal not come vp agayne to possesse the londe, and fyll the worlde ful of castels and townes.

Isaiah 44:15

15 which wodde serueth for me to burne. Of this he taketh and warmeth himself withall: he maketh a fyre of it to bake bred. And after warde maketh a god there of, to honoure it: and an Idol, to knele before it.

Isaiah 44:19

19 They pondre not in their myndes (for they haue nether knowlege ner vnderstodinge) to thinke thus: I haue bret one pece in the fyre, I haue baked bred wt ye coles there of, I haue rosted flesh withall, & eaten it: Shal I now of the residue make an abhominacion, and fall downe before a rotten pece of wodd?

Isaiah 65:6-7

6 Beholde, it is written before my face, & shal not be forgotten, but recopensed. I shal rewarde it them in to their bosome: 7 I meane youre mysdedes, and the mysdedes of youre fathers together (saieth the LORDE) which haue made their smokes vpon the mountaynes, and blasphemed me vpon the hilles: therfore will I measure their olde dedes in to their bosome agayne.

Jeremiah 2:9

9 Wherfore I am constrayned (sayeth the LORDE) to make my complaynte vpon you, and vpon youre children.

Jeremiah 32:18

18 Thou shewest mercy vpon thousandes, thou recompecest the wickednes of the fathers, in to the besome of the children that come after them.

Ezekiel 8:3

3 This symilitude stretched out an honde, and toke me by the hayrie lockes off my heade, and the sprete lift me vp betwixte heauen and earth: and God brought me in a vision to Ierusalem, in to the courte off the inwarde porte that lieth towarde the north: there stode an ymage, with whom he that hath all thinges in his power, was very wroth.

Daniel 1:2

2 and the LORDE delyuered Ioachim the kynge off Iuda in to his honde, with certayne ornamentes of the house off God, which he caried awaye vnto the londe of Sennar, to the house of his god and there brought them in to his gods treasury.

Nahum 1:2

2 The LORDE is a gelous God, and a taker of vengeaunce: yee a taker of vegeaunce is ye LORDE, and wrothfull. The LORDE taketh vengeaunce of his enemies, and reserueth displeasure for his aduersaries.

Matthew 4:9

9 and sayde vnto hym: all these wil I geue the, yf thou wilt fall downe and worship me.

Matthew 23:34-36

34 Therfore beholde, I sende vnto you prophetes and wysemen, and scrybes, and some of them shal ye kyll and crucifye, and some of them shal ye scourge in youre synagoges, and persecute them from cite to cite: 35 that vpon you maye come all the righteous bloude which hath bene shed vpon ye earth, from the bloude of righteous Abel, vnto ye bloude of Zachary ye sonne of Barachias, whom ye slew betwene the temple and the altare. 36 Verely I saye vnto you: All these thinges shal light vpo this generacion.

John 7:7

7 The worlde can not hate you, but me it hateth: because I testifye of it, that the workes of it are euell.

John 15:18

18 Yf the worlde hate you, then knowe, that it hath hated me before you.

John 15:23-24

23 He yt hateth me, hateth my father also. 24 Yf I had not done amoge the the workes which no other ma dyd, they shulde haue no synne. But now haue they sene it, and yet haue they hated both me & my father.

Romans 1:30

30 backbyters, despysers of God, doers of wronge, proude, boosters, bryngers vp of euell thinges, disobedient to their Elders,

Romans 8:7

7 For to be fleshly mynded is enemyte agaynst. God, syth it is not subdued vnto ye lawe of God, for it can not also.

1 Corinthians 10:22

22 Or wyl we prouoke the LORDE? I maye do all thinges, but all thinges are not profitable.

James 4:4

4 Ye aduouterars, & weme that breke matrimonie: knowe ye not how that the frenshippe of ye worlde is ennimite to godwarde? Whosoeuer wilbe a frende of the worlde, is made ye enemie of god.

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