Exodus 12:48 Cross References - Coverdale

48 But yf there dwel a straunger with the, & wil holde passeouer vnto the LORDE, let him cicumcyse euery one that is male, and then let him first come, and do it, and be as one that is borne in the londe: for there shal no vncircumcysed eate therof.

Genesis 17:12

12 Euery manchilde whan it is eight dayes olde, shalbe circucyded thorow out youre posterities: In like maner all housholde folkes borne at home, or bought, or eny other also that is a strauger and not of thy sede.

Exodus 12:19

19 so that there be no leuended bred founde in youre houses seuen dayes. For who so euer eateth leuended bred, that soule shall be roted out from the congregacion of Israel, whether it be a straunger or borne in the londe.

Exodus 12:43

43 And the LORDE sayde vnto Moses and Aaron: This is the maner of the kepynge of Passeouer. There shal no strauger eate of it.

Numbers 9:14

14 And whan there dwelleth a straunger amonge you, he shal kepe Easter also vnto the LORDE, & shal holde it acordinge to ye ordinaunce and lawe of ye Easter. This statute shal be vnto you alike, to the straunger as to him that is borne in the londe.

Numbers 15:15-16

15 Let there be one statute for the whole cogregacion, both vnto you and to the straungers. A perpetuall statute shal it be vnto youre posterities, that the straunger be eue as ye before ye LORDE. 16 One lawe, and one ordinaunce shalbe vnto you and to the straunger that dwelleth with you.

Ezekiel 44:9

9 Therfore thus saieth ye LORDE God: Of all the straungers that dwell amoge the childre of Israel, no straunger (whose herte & flesh is not circumcised) shal come within my Sanctuary:

Ezekiel 47:22

22 and deuyde it to be an heretage for you, and for the straugers that dwel amoge you, and begette children. For ye shal take them amonge the childre of Israell, like as though they were of youre owne housholde and countre, and they shal haue heretage with you amonge the childre of Israel.

Galatians 3:28

28 Here is nether Iewe ner Greke: here is nether bode ner fre: here is nether man ner woman, for ye are all one in Christ Iesu.

Colossians 3:11

11 where there is no Greke, Iewe, circumcision, vncircumcision, Barbarous, Sithian, bode, fre: but Christ is all and in all.

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