Exodus 11:10 Cross References - Coverdale

10 And Moses & Aaron dyd all these woders before Pharao: but ye LORDE hardened his hert, yt he wolde not let ye childre of Israel go out of his londe.

Exodus 4:21

21 And the LORDE saide vnto Moses: When thou comest agayne in to Egipte, se yt thou do all the wonders (before Pharao) which I haue put in yi hade. But I wil harde his hert, yt he shall not let the people go.

Exodus 7:13-14

13 So Pharaos hert was hardened, and he herkened not vnto them, euen as the LORDE had sayde. 14 And the LORDE sayde vnto Moses: The hert of Pharao is hardened, he refuseth to let ye people go.

Exodus 10:20

20 But the LORDE hardened Pharaos hert, that he let not the childre of Israel go.

Exodus 10:27

27 But the LORDE hardened Pharaos hert, yt he wolde not let them go.

Deuteronomy 2:30

30 But Sihon the kynge at Hesbon wolde not let vs go by him: for the LORDE yi God herdened his mynde, & made his hert tough that he mighte delyuer him in to thy hades, as it is come to passe this daye.

1 Samuel 6:6

6 Why harden ye youre hert, as the Egipcians and Pharao hardened their hert? Whan he shewed him selfe vpon them dyd not they let them departe to go their waye?

Job 9:4

4 He is wyse of hert, and mightie in strength. Who euer prospered, that toke parte agaynst him?

Romans 2:4-5

4 Or despysest thou the riches of his goodnesse, pacience, and loge sufferinge? Knowest thou not, that ye louynge kyndnesse of God leadeth the to repentaunce? 5 But thou after thine harde and impenitent hert, heapest vnto thy selfe a treasure of wrath, agaynst the daye of wrath and of the openynge of the righteous iudgment of God,

Romans 9:22

22 Therfore whan God wolde shewe wrath, and to make his power knowne, he broughte forth with greate pacience the vessels off wrath, which are ordeyned to damnacion:

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