Esther 1:19 Cross References - Coverdale

19 Yf it please the kynge, let there go a kyngly commaundemet from him, and let it be wrytten acordynge to the lawe of the Persians and Medians (and not to be transgressed) that Vasthi come nomore before kynge Ahasuerus, and let the kynge geue the kyngdome vnto another that is better then she.

1 Samuel 15:28

28 Then sayde Samuel vnto him: The LORDE hath rente the kyngdome of Israel from ye this daye, & geuen it vnto yi neghbor, which is better then thou.

1 Kings 3:28

28 And all Israel herde of this iudgment that the kynge had geuen: and they feared the kynge, for they sawe that ye wysdome of God was in him to kepe iudgmet.

Esther 1:21

21 This pleased the kynge and the prynces, and the kynge dyd acordynge to the worde of Memuchan.

Esther 3:9

9 Yf it please the kynge, let him wryte, that they maye be destroyed, & so wil I weye downe ten thousande talentes of siluer, vnder the handes of the workmen, to be brought in to the kynges chamber.

Esther 8:5

5 and sayde: Yf it please the kynge, and yf I haue foude grace in his sight, & yf it be couenyent for the kinge, and yf it be accepted in his sighte, then let it be wrytte, yt the letters of the deuyce of Ama the sonne of Amadathai the Agagite, maie be called agayne: which letters he wrote, to destroie ye Iewes in all ye kynges lodes.

Esther 8:8

8 Wryte ye now therfore for the Iewes, as it liketh you in the kynges name, and seale it with ye kynges rynge (for the wrytinges that were wrytten in ye kynges name, and sealed with the kynges rynge, durst no man dysanulle.)

Daniel 6:8-15

8 Wherfore, o kynge, confirme thou this statute, and make a writynge: that the thynge which the Medes and Perses haue ordened be not altered ner broken. 9 So Darius made the wrytynge, and confirmed it. 10 Now when Daniel vnderstode that the wrytynge was made, he wente in to his house: and the wyndowes of his hall towarde Ierusalem stode open. There kneled he downe vpon his knees, thre tymes a daye: there he made his peticion, and praysed his God, like as his maner was to do afore tyme. 11 Then these men made searche, and founde Daniel makynge his peticion, and prayenge vnto his God. 12 So they came to the kynge, and spake before him concernynge his commaundement, sayenge: O kynge, hast thou not subscribed the statute, that within xxx. dayes who so requyreth his peticion off eny god or man, but only of thy self, o kynge: he shalbe cast in to the denne of the Lyons? The kynge answered, ad sayde: yee, it is true. It must be as a lawe of ye Medes and Perses, that maye not be broken. 13 Then answered they, and sayde vnto the kynge: Daniel one of the presoners of Iuda (O kynge) regardeth nether the ner thy statute, that thou hast made, but maketh his peticion thre tymes a daye. 14 When the kynge herde these wordes, he was sore greued, and wolde haue excused Daniel, to delyuer him, and put off the matter, vnto the Sonne wete downe, to the intent that he might saue him. 15 These men perceauynge the kynges mynde, sayde vnto him: knowe this (o kynge) that the lawe off the Medes and Perses is, that the commaundement and statute which the kynge maketh, maye not be altered.

Daniel 6:17

17 And there was brought a stone, and layed vpon the hole of the denne: this the kynge sealed with his owne rynge, and with ye signet of his prynces: that the kynges commaundement concernynge Daniel, shulde not be broken.

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