Daniel 2:24 Cross References - Coverdale

24 Vpon this wente Daniel in vnto Arioch, whom the kinge had ordened to destroye the wyse at Babilon: he wente vnto him, and sayde: destroye not soch as are wyse in Babilon, but bringe me in vnto the kynge, and I shal shewe the kynge the interpretacion.

Daniel 2:12-14

12 For ye which cause the kynge was wroth with greate indignacio, and comaunded to destroye all the wyse men at Babilon: 13 and ye proclamacion wete forth, that the wyse me shulde be slayne. They sought also to slaye Daniel with his copanyons. 14 Then Daniel enquered Arioch the kynges stewarde, off the iudgment and sentence, that was gone forth alredy to kyll soch as were wyse at Babilon.

Acts 27:24

24 & saide: Feare not Paul, thou must be broughte before the Emperoure. And lo, God hath geuen vnto the all the that sayle with the.

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