Acts 8:25 Cross References - Coverdale

25 And they, wha they had testified and spoke the worde of the LORDE, turned agayne to Ierusalem, and preached the Gospell in many townes of the Samaritanes.

Luke 9:52-56

52 and before him he sent messaungers, which wente their waye, and came into a towne of the Samaritans, to prepare lodginge for him. 53 And they wolde not receaue him, because he had turned his face to go to Ierusale. 54 But whan his disciples Iames and Ihon sawe that, they sayde: LORDE, wilt thou, that we commaunde, that fyre fall downe from heauen, and consume them, as Elias dyd? 55 Neuertheles Iesus turned him aboute, and rebuked them, and sayde: Knowe ye not, what maner of sprete ye are of? 56 The sonne of man is not come to destroye mens soules, but to saue them. And they wente in to another towne.

John 15:27

27 and ye shal beare wytnesse also: for ye haue bene with me from the begynnynge.

Acts 1:8

8 but ye shal receaue the power of ye holy goost, which shal come vpon you, and ye shalbe my witnesses at Ierusalem, and in all Iewrye and Samaria, and vnto the ende of the earth.

Acts 8:40

40 As for Philippe, he was founde at Assdod, and walked aboute, and preached the Gospell vnto all the cities, tyll he came to Cesarea.

Acts 18:5

5 Whan Sylas and Timotheus were come fro Macedonia, Paul was constrayned by the sprete to testifye vnto ye Iewes, that Iesus was very Christ.

Acts 20:21

21 And haue testifyed both vnto the Iewes & to the Grekes the repentaunce towarde God, and faith towarde oure LORDE Iesus.

Acts 26:22-23

22 But thorow the helpe of God lent vnto me, I stonde vnto this daye, and testifye both vnto small and greate, and saye no other thinge, the that ye prophetes haue sayde (that it shulde come to passe) and Moses, 23 that Christ shulde suffre, and be the first of the resurreccion from the deed, and shew light vnto the people, and to the Heythen.

Acts 28:23

23 And wha they had appoynted hi a daye, there came many vnto hi in to his lodginge: vnto who he expouded ye kyngdome of God & preached vnto the of Iesu, out of ye lawe and out of the prophetes, eue fro mornynge vntyll the eue.

Acts 28:28

28 Be it knowne therfore vnto you, yt this saluacio of God is sent vnto ye Heythe, and they shal heare it.

Acts 28:31

31 preachinge ye kyngdome of God, and teachinge those thinges which concerne the LORDE Iesus with all boldnesse, vnforbydden.

1 Peter 5:12

12 By Siluanus youre faithfull brother (as I suppose) haue I wrytte vnto you breuely, exhortinge and testifyenge, how that this is the true grace of God wherin ye stode.

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