Acts 2:37 Cross References - Coverdale

37 Whan they herde this, their hert pricked them, and they sayde vnto Peter and to the other Apostles: Ye men and brethre, What shal we do?

Ezekiel 7:16

16 And soch as escape and fle from amonge them, shal be vpon the hilles, like as the doues in the felde: euery one shalbe afrayed, because off his owne wickednesse.

Zechariah 12:10

10 Morouer, vpon the house off Dauid and vpon the citesyns off Ierusalem, will I poure out the sprete of grace and prayer: so that they shal loke vpon me, whom they haue pearsed: and they shall bewepe him, as men mourne for their only begotten sonne: Yee and be sory for him, as men are sory for their first childe.

Luke 3:10

10 And the people axed him, and sayde: What shal we do then?

Luke 3:12

12 The publicans came also, to be baptysed and sayde vnto him: Master, what shal we do?

Luke 3:14

14 Then ye soudyours axed him likewyse, and sayde: What shal we do then? And he sayde vnto the: Do no man violence ner wronge, and be content with youre wages.

John 8:9

9 But whan they herde that, they wente out, one after another: the eldest first, and left Iesus alone, and the woman stondinge before him.

John 16:8-11

8 And whan he commeth, he shal rebuke the worlde of synne, and of righteousnes, & of iudgment. 9 Of synne, because they beleue not on me. 10 Of righteousnes, because I go to the father, and ye shal se me nomore. 11 Of iudgmet, because the prynce of this worlde is iudged allready.

Acts 1:16

16 Ye men and brethren, this scripture must nedes be fulfylled, which ye holy goost by the mouth of Dauid spake before of Iudas, which was a gyde of the that toke Iesus:

Acts 5:33

33 Wha they herde that, it wente thorow the hertes of them, and they thoughte to slaye them.

Acts 7:54

54 Whan they herde this, it wente thorow ye hertes of the, and they gnasshed vpo him with their tethe.

Acts 9:5-6

5 He sayde: LORDE, who art thou? The LORDE sayde: I am Iesus, who thou persecutest. It shalbe harde for ye to kycke agaynst the prycke. 6 And he both tremblinge and astonnyed, sayde: LORDE what wilt thou that I shal do? The LORDE sayde vnto him: Aryse, and go into the cite, there shal it be tolde the what thou shalt do.

Acts 16:29-31

29 He called for a lighte, and sprange in, and trembled, and fell at the fete of Paul and Sylas, 30 and broughte them out, and sayde: Syrs, what must I do, to be saued? 31 They sayde: Beleue on the LORDE Iesus, and so shalt thou and thy housholde be saued.

Acts 22:10

10 I sayde: LORDE, what shal I do? The LORDE sayde vnto me: Aryse, and go in to Damascon, there shal it be tolde ye of all that is appoynted the to do.

Acts 24:25-26

25 Howbeit whan Paul spake off righteousnesse, and off chastite and off the iudgment to come, Felix trembled, and answered: Go thy waye for this tyme. Whan I haue a conuenyent tyme, I wil sende for the. 26 He hoped also, that money shulde haue bene geuen him of Paul, therfore called he oft for him, and commened with him.

Romans 7:9

9 As for me, I lyued some tyme without lawe. Howbeit whan the commaundement came, synne reuyued, but I was deed.

1 Corinthians 14:24-25

24 But yff all prophecied, and there came in one yt beleueth not, or one vnlerned, he shulde be rebuked of them all, and iudged of all, 25 and so shulde the secrete of his hert be opened, and so shulde he fall downe vpon his face, worshippinge God, and knowleginge, that of a trueth God is in you.

Hebrews 4:12-13

12 For ye worde of God is quycke, and mightie in operacion, and sharper the eny two edged swerde, and entreth thorow, euen to the deuydinge of the soule & the sprete, and of ye ioyntes & the mary, and is a iudger of the thoughtes & intetes of the hert, 13 nether is there eny creature invisible in ye sighte of him. But all thinges are naked & bare vnto ye eyes of hi of who we speake.

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