Acts 25:2 Cross References - Coverdale

2 Then appeared the hye prestes and the chefe of the Iewes before him agaynst Paul, and intreated him,

Job 31:31

31 Yet they of myne owne housholde saye: who shal let vs, to haue oure bely ful of his flesh?

Proverbs 4:16

16 For they can not slepe, excepte they haue first done some myschefe: nether take they eny rest, excepte they haue first done some harme.

Acts 24:1

1 After fyue dayes the hye prest Ananias came downe with the Elders, and wt the Oratour Tertullus, which appeared before the Debyte agaynst Paul.

Acts 25:15

15 for whose cause the hye prestes and Elders of the Iewes appeared before me whan I was at Ierusalem, and desyred a sentence agaynst him.

Romans 3:12-19

12 They are all gone out of the waye, they are alltogether become vnprofitable: there is none that doeth good, no not one. 13 Their throte is an open sepulcre, with their tunges they haue disceaued, the poyson off Aspes is vnder their lippes. 14 Their mouth is full of cursynge and bytternesse. 15 Their fete are swifte to shed bloude. 16 Destruccion & wrechidnes are in their wayes, 17 and ye waye of peace haue they not knowne. 18 There is no feare of God before their eyes. 19 But we knowe, yt, what soeuer the lawe sayeth, it sayeth it vnto them which are vnder the lawe, yt euery mouthe maye be stopped, & yt all the worlde maye be detter vnto God,

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