Acts 11:28 Cross References - Coverdale

28 And one of them (whose name was Agabus) stode vp, and declared by the sprete a greate derth, that shulde come ouer the whole compasse of the earth: which came to passe vnder the Emperoure Claudius.

Genesis 41:30-31

30 and after the same there shall come seuen yeares of derth, so that all this plenteousnes shalbe forgotten in ye lande of Egipte: and the derth shall consume the lande, 31 so that the plenteousnes shal not be perceaued in the lande, because of the derth that commeth therafter, for it shall be very greate.

Genesis 41:38

38 And Pharao sayde vnto his seruauntes? How might we fynde soch a man, in whom is the sprete of God?

1 Kings 17:1-16

1 And Elias ye The?bite one of the inhabiters of Gilead, saide vnto Achab: As truly as the LORDE God of Israel lyueth, whose seruaunt I am, there shal nether rayne ner dew come this yeare, excepte I speake it. 2 And the worde of the LORDE came vnto him, and sayde: 3 Get the hence, and turne the towarde the east, and hyde the by the ryuer Crith, which is ouer agaynst Iordane, 4 and thou shalt drynke of the ryuer: and I haue commaunded the rauens, that they shal fede the there. 5 He departed, and dyd acordinge to the worde of the LORDE, and wente his waye, and sat him downe by the ryuer Crith, which is ouer agaynst Iordane. 6 And the raues broughte him bred and flesh in the mornynge and in the euenynge, and he dranke of the ryuer. 7 And it fortuned after cerayne dayes, that the riuer was dryed: vp for there was no rayne in the lode. 8 Then came ye worde of ye LORDE vnto him, and sayde: 9 Get ye vp, and go vnto Sarepta, which lieth by Sido: for there haue I commaunded a wedowe to make prouysion for the. 10 And he gat him vp, and wente vnto Sarepta. And whan he came to the gate of ye cite, beholde, the wedowe was there, and gathered stickes. And he called her, and sayde: Fetch me a litle water in a vessell, yt I maye drinke. 11 And as she was goinge to fetch it, he cried vnto her, & sayde: Brynge me a morsell of bred also in thine hande. 12 She sayde: As truly as the LORDE yi God lyueth, I haue no bred, but an handfull of floure in a pitcher, & a curtesy oyle in a cruse: and beholde, I haue gathered vp one or two stickes, & wyll go and prepare it for me and my sonne, that we maye eate and dye. 13 Elias sayde vnto her: Feare not, go thy waye, & do as thou hast sayde: yet make me first a morsell of bred therof, & brynge it me forth: & afterwarde shalt thou make it for ye & thy sonne. 14 For thus sayeth ye LORDE God of Israel: The meell in the pitcher shall not be spent, & the oyle in ye cruse shall not fayll, vnto the daye yt the LORDE shal cause it for to rayne vpo earth. 15 She wente & dyd as Elias sayde. And he ate, & she also, and hir house a certayne season. 16 The meel in the pitcher was not mynished, and the oyle in the cruse fayled not, acordinge to the worde of ye LORDE which he spake by Elias.

2 Kings 8:1-2

1 Eliseus spake vnto the woma, whose sonne he had restored vnto life againe, and sayde: Get the vp, & go with thine housholde, and be a straunger where thou canst: for the LORDE shall call for a derth, which shal come into the londe seuen yeare loge. 2 The woman gat her vp, and dyd as the man of God sayde, & wente with hir housholde, and was a straunger in the londe of the Philistynes seuen yeare.

Matthew 24:14

14 And this gospell of the kyngdome shalbe preached in all the worlde for a wytnes vnto all people, and then shal the ende come.

Luke 2:1

1 It fortuned at the same tyme, that there wete out a comaundement fro Augustus the Emperoure, that the whole worlde shulde be taxed.

Luke 3:1

1 In the fiftenth yeare of the raigne of Tiberius the Emperoure, wha Pontius Pilate was leftenaut in Iewry and Herode one of the foure princes in Galile, and his brother Philippe one of the foure prynces in Iturea, & in the coastes of Traconites, and Lysanias one of the foure princes of Abilene,

Acts 18:2

2 and founde a Iewe named Aquila, borne in Potus, which was lately come out of Italy: and his wife Priscilla (because the Emperor Claudius had commaunded all Iewes to departe from Rome) and he drue vnto the.

Acts 21:10

10 And as we taried there mo dayes, there came downe from Iewry a prophet, named Agabus.

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