2 Samuel 22:40 Cross References - Coverdale

40 Thou hast girded me with strength to ye battayll, and hast subdued them vnder me yt rose vp agaynst me.

1 Samuel 17:49-51

49 And Dauid put his hade in his bagg, and toke out a stone, & thrue it with the slynge, and hytt the Philistyne euen in the fore heade, so that the stone stacke in his fore heade, and he fell downe to the grounde vpon his face. 50 So Dauid ouercame ye Philistyne with the slynge and with ye stone, and smote him, and slewe him. And for so moch as Dauid had no swerde in his hande, 51 he ranne and stode ouer ye Philistyne, and toke his swerde, and drue it out of the sheeth, and slewe him, and smote of his heade withall. Whan the Philistynes sawe that the strongest of them was deed, they fled.

1 Samuel 23:5

5 So Dauid wente with his men vnto Cegila, and foughte agaynst the Philistynes, & droue awaye their catell, and smote them wt a greate slaughter. Thus Dauid delyuered them of Cegila.

Psalms 18:32

32 It is God that hath gyrded me with stregth and made my waye vncorrupte.

Psalms 18:39

39 Thou hast gyrded me with strength vnto ye batell, thou hast throwe them all downe vnder me, that rose vp agaynst me.

Psalms 44:5

5 Thou art ye kinge & my God, thou sendest helpe vnto Iacob.

Psalms 144:2

2 My hope and my castell, my defence and my delyuerer, my shylde in whom I trust, which gouerneth the people that is vnder me.

Isaiah 45:5

5 Euen I the LORDE, before whom there is none other, for wt out me there is no God I haue prepared the, or euer thou knewest me:

Isaiah 60:14

14 Morouer those shal come knelinge vnto the, yt haue vexed the: & all they that despised ye, shal fall downe at yi fote. Thou shalt be called the cite of the LORDE, the holy Sion of Israel.

Colossians 1:11

11 & to be strengthed wt all power acordinge to the mighte of his glory, to all pacience and longsufferynge with ioyfulnes,

Revelation 5:9

9 and they songe a newe songe saynge: thou art worthy to take the boke & to ope the seales therof: for thou wast kylled, and hast redemed vs by thy bloud, out of all kynreddes, and toges, and people, and nacions,

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