2 Samuel 19:21 Cross References - Coverdale

21 Neuertheles Abisai the sonne of Zeru Ia answered and sayde: And shulde not Semei dye therfore, seynge he hath cursed ye anoynted of ye LORDE?

Exodus 22:28

28 Thou shalt not speake euell of the Goddes, and the ruler of thy people shall thou not blaspheme.

1 Samuel 24:6

6 and sayde vnto his men: The LORDE let that be farre frome, that I shulde do it, & laye my hande vpo my lorde the LORDES anoyntd: for he is ye anoynted of the LORDE.

1 Samuel 26:9

9 Neuertheles Dauid sayde vnto Abisai: Destroye him not, for who wil laye hande vpon the anoynted of ye LORDE, & remayne vngiltye?

2 Samuel 16:5

5 But whan kynge Dauid came to Bahurim, beholde, there wente out a man of the kynred of the house of Saul, whose name was Semei the sonne of Gera, which wente forth and cursed,

2 Samuel 16:7-8

7 Thus sayde Semei whan he cursed: Get the forth, get the forth thou bloudy hounde, thou man of Belial. 8 The LORDE hath rewarded the for all the bloude of the house of Saul, yt thou becamest kynge in his steade. Now hath the LORDE geuen the kyngdome into ye hande of Absalom thy sonne, and beholde, now stickest thou in thine owne myschefe, for thou art a bloudy hounde.

2 Samuel 16:13

13 So Dauid wente on his waye with his men. But Semei wente on by the mount besyde him, and cursed, and cast stones at him, & threwe clottes of earth.

1 Kings 21:10-11

10 and set two men of Belial before him, to testifye and saye: Thou hast blasphemed God and the kynge. And brynge him forth, and stone him to death. 11 And the Elders and rulers of his cyte, which dwelt in his cite, dyd as Iesabel had commaunded them, acordynge as she had wrytten in the letter that she sent vnto them

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