2 Samuel 18:14 Cross References - Coverdale

14 Ioab sayde: Not so, I wil vpon him before thy face. Then toke Ioab thre speares in his hande, and thrust Absalom thorow ye hert, while he was yet alyue vpon the Oke.

Judges 4:21

21 Then Iael the wife of Heber toke a nale of the tente, and an hammer in hir hande, & wente in preuely vnto him, & smote the nale in thorow the temples of his heade, so yt he sancke to ye earth. As for him, he was fallen on a slomber, and weery, and so he dyed.

Judges 5:26

26 She toke holde of the nale wt hir hande, & the smyth hammer with hir righte hande, and smote Sissera, cut of his heade & pearsed and bored thorow his temples.

Judges 5:31

31 Thus all thine enemies must perishe O LORDE: but they that loue the, shal be euen as the Sonne rysinge vp in his mighte. And the londe had peace fortye yeares.

2 Samuel 14:30

30 Then sayde he vnto his seruauntes: Ye knowe Ioabs pece of londe that lyeth by myne, and he hath barlye theron: go youre waye therfore and set fyre vpon it. So Absaloms seruauntes sett fyre vpon Ioabs pece of londe.

2 Samuel 18:5

5 And ye kinge comaunded Ioab and Abisai, and Ithai, and sayde: Intreate me the yonge man Absalom gently. And all the people herde it, wha the kynge comaunded all the captaynes concernynge Absalom.

Psalms 45:5

5 Good lucke haue thou with thine honoure, ryde on with the treuth, mekenesse & rightuousnes: & thy right hode shal teach ye woderfull thinges.

Matthew 12:40

40 For as Ionas was thre dayes and thre nightes in the Whalles bely, so shal the sonne of ma be thre dayes and thre nightes in the hert of the earth.

1 Thessalonians 5:3

3 For whan they shal saye: Tush, It is peace, there is no daunger, then shall soden destruccion come vpo the, euen as the payne of a woman trauaylinge with childe, and they shal not escape.

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