2 Samuel 12:1 Cross References - Coverdale

1 And the LORDE sent Nathan vnto Dauid. Whan he came to him, he tolde him: There were two men in one cite, the one riche, the other poore.

Judges 9:7-15

7 Whan this was tolde Iotham, he wente, and stode vpon the toppe of mount Grisim, and lifte vp his voyce, cried, and sayde: Heare me ye men of Sichem, that God maye heare you also 8 The trees wente to anointe a kinde ouer them, and sayde vnto the Olyue tre: Be thou oure kynge. 9 But the Olyue tre answered them: Shall I go and leaue my fatnesse (which both God and men commende in me) and go to be puft vp aboue the trees? 10 Then sayde the trees vnto the fygge tre: Come thou and be kynge ouer vs. 11 But the fygge tre sayde vnto the: Shal I leaue my swetnes and my good frute, and go to be puft vp aboue the trees? 12 Then sayde the trees vnto the vyne: Come thou and be oure kinge. 13 But the vyne sayde vnto them: Shal I leaue my swete wyne, which reioyseth God and men, and go to be puft vp aboue the trees? 14 The sayde all the trees vnto the thorne busshe: Come thou, and be kynge ouer vs. 15 And the thorne busshe sayde vnto the trees: Yf it be true, yt ye anoynte me to be kynge ouer you, the come, and put youre trust vnder my shadowe. Yf no, then go fyre out of the thorne busshe, & cosume ye Ceder trees of Libano.

2 Samuel 7:1-5

1 Now whan the kynge sat in his house, and the LORDE had geuen him rest from all his enemies on euery syde, 2 he sayde vnto the prophet Nathan: Beholde, I dwell in a house of Cedre, and the Arke of God dwelleth amonge the curtaynes. 3 Nathan sayde vnto the kynge: Go thy waye, what so euer thou hast in thine hert, yt do: for the LORDE is wt the. 4 But the same nighte came ye worde of the LORDE vnto Nathan, & sayde: 5 Go & speake to my seruaut Dauid: Thus sayeth ye LORDE: Shalt thou buylde me an house to dwell in?

2 Samuel 7:17

17 Whan Nathan had tolde all these wordes & all this vision vnto Dauid,

2 Samuel 11:10-17

10 Whan worde came to Dauid: Vrias is not gone downe in to his house, Dauid sayde vnto him: Camest thou not ouer the felde? Why wentest thou not downe in to thy house? 11 Vrias sayde vnto Dauid: The Arke and Israel & Iuda abyde in the tentes: And Ioab my lorde and my lordes seruauntes lye in ye felde, and shal I go in to my house to eate and drynke, and to lye with my wife? As truly as thou lyuest, and as truly as thy soule lyueth, I wyll not do this thinge. 12 Dauid sayde vnto Vria: Abyde here then to daye, tomorow wil I let the go. So Vrias abode at Ierusalem the same daye, and the nexte also. 13 And Dauid called him to eate & drynke before him, & made him dronken. And at euen he wente to lye him downe for to slepe vpon his couche with his lordes seruauntes, and wente not downe in to his house. 14 On the morow wrote Dauid a letter vnto Ioab, & sent it by Vrias. 15 After this maner wrote he in the letter: Set Vrias in ye forest parte of ye batayll, & turne you behynde him, yt he maye be slayne. 16 Now wha Ioab layed sege to the cite, he set Vrias in ye place, where he knewe yt the mightiest men of Armes were. 17 And whan the men of the cite fell out and foughte agaynst Ioab, there fell certayne of ye people of Dauids seruauntes. And Vrias the Hethite dyed also.

2 Samuel 11:25

25 Dauid sayde vnto the messaunger: Thus shalt thou saye vnto Ioab: Let not yt vexe the, for the swerde consumeth now one now another. Go forth with the battayll against the cite, that thou mayest destroye it, and coforte the men.

2 Samuel 14:5-11

5 The kynge sayde vnto her: What ayleth the? She sayde: I am a wedowe, a woman that mourneth, and my husbade is deed. 6 And thy handmayde had two sonnes, which stroue together in the felde: and whyle there was noman to parte the a sunder, the one smote the other, and slewe him. 7 And beholde, all the whole kynred ryseth vp agaynst thy handmayden, and saye: Delyuer him which hath smytten his brother, that we maye kyll him, for the soule of his brother whom he hath slayne, and that we maye destroye the heyre also. And thus are they mynded to put out my sparke, which yet is lefte, that there shulde no name ner eny thinge els remayne ouer vnto my husbade vpon earth. 8 The kynge sayde vnto the woman: Go ye waye home, I wil geue a comaudemet for ye. 9 And the woman of Thecoa saide vnto ye kynge: The trespace be vpon me (my lorde ye kynge) and vpon my fathers house: but the kynge and his seate be vngiltye. 10 The kynge sayde: He that speaketh agaynst the, brynge him vnto me, so shall he touch the nomore. 11 She sayde: Let the kynge thynke vpon the LORDE his God, that there be not to many auengers of bloude to destroye, and that they brynge not my sonne to naught. He sayde: As truly as the LORDE lyueth, there shall not one heer of thy sonne fall vpon the earth.

2 Samuel 14:14

14 For we all dye the death, and as the water that sinketh in to the earth, which is not taken vp. And God will not take awaye the lyfe, but vnbethynketh himselfe, yt euen the very outlawe be not cleane thrust out from him.

2 Samuel 24:11-13

11 And whan Dauid rose vp in the mornynge, the worde of the LORDE came vnto the prophet Gad, Dauids Seer, & sayde: 12 Go & speake vnto Dauid. Thus sayeth the LORDE: I brynge the thre thinges, chose the one of them, that I maye do it vnto the. 13 Gad came vnto Dauid, and tolde him, and sayde vnto him: Wilt thou that seuen yeare derth shall come in to thy londe? Or that thou be fayne to flye before thine aduersaries thre monethes, and they to persecute the? Or that there be pestilence thre dayes in the londe? Take aduysement therfore and se, what answere I shal bringe agayne vnto him yt sent me.

1 Kings 13:1

1 And beholde, there came a ma of God from Iuda (thorow the worde of the LORDE) vnto Bethel, and Ieroboam stode by the altar to burne incense.

1 Kings 18:1

1 And after a longe season came ye worde of the LORDE vnto Elias in the thirde yeare, & sayde: Go thy waye, & shewe yi selfe vnto Achab, yt I maye cause it for to rayne vpon earth.

1 Kings 20:35-41

35 Then spake there a man amonge the children of the prophetes vnto his neghboure by the worde of the LORDE: I praye the smite me. But he refused to smite him. 36 Then saide he vnto him, because thou hast not herkened vnto the voyce of the LORDE, beholde, therfore shall there a lyon smyte the, whan thou goest fro me. And whan he wente fro him, a lyon founde him, and slewe him. 37 And he founde another man, and sayde: I praye the smyte me. And the man smote him, and wounded him, 38 Then wente the prophet, and stepte vnto the kynge by the waye syde, and altered his face with a?shes. 39 And whan the kynge wente by, he cried vpon ye kynge, and sayde: Thy seruaunt wente forth in to the battayll, and beholde, there wente one asyde, and broughte a man vnto me, and sayde: Kepe this ma: yf he be myssed, thy soule shall be in steade of his soule, or els thou shalt weye downe an hundreth weighte of syluer. 40 And whyle thy seruaunt had here & there to do, he was awaye. The kynge of Israel sayde vnto him: It is thine owne iudgment, thou hast geuen it thyselfe. 41 Then put he the a?shes from his face in all the haist. And the kynge of Israel knewe him, that he was one of the prophetes.

2 Kings 1:3

3 But the angell of ye LORDE sayde vnto Elias the Tishbite: Vp, & go mete the messaungers of the kynge of Samaria, and saie vnto them: Is there no God in Israel that ye go to axe councell at ye god of Ekron?

Psalms 51:1-19

1 Haue mercy vpon me (o God) after thy goodnes, & acordinge vnto thy greate mercies, do awaye myne offences. 2 Wash me well fro my wickednesse, & clense me fro my synne. 3 For I knowlege my fautes, and my synne is euer before me. 4 Agaynst the only, agaynst the haue I synned, and done euell in thy sight: that thou mightest be iustified in thy saynges, and shuldest ouercome when thou art iudged. 5 Beholde, I was borne in wickednesse, and in synne hath my mother conceaued me. 6 But lo, thou hast a pleasure in the treuth, and hast shewed me secrete wy?dome. 7 O reconcile me with Isope, and I shal be clene: wash thou me, and I shalbe whyter then snowe. 8 Oh let me heare of ioye and gladnesse, that the bones which thou hast broken, maye reioyse. 9 Turne thy face fro my synnes, and put out all my my?dedes. 10 Make me a clene hert (o God) and renue a right sprete within me. 11 Cast me not awaie from thy presence, and take not thy holy sprete fro me. 12 O geue me the comforte of thy helpe agayne, and stablish me with thy fre sprete. 13 Then shal I teach thy wayes vnto the wicked, that synners maye be conuerted vnto the. 14 Delyuer me from bloudegyltynesse o God, thou that art the God of my health, that my tonge maye prayse thy rightuousnesse. 15 Open my lippes (O LORDE) that my mouth maye shewe thy prayse. 16 For yf thou haddest pleasure in sacrifice, I wolde geue it the: but thou delytest not in burntofferynges. 17 The sacrifice of God is a troubled sprete, a broken and a cotrite hert (o God) shalt thou not despise. 18 O be fauorable and gracious vnto Sion, that the walles of Ierusalem maye be buylded. 19 For then shalt thou be pleased with the sacrifice of rightuousnesse, with the burntofferynges and oblacions: then shal they laye bullockes vpon thine aulter.

Isaiah 5:1-7

1 Now well than, I will synge my beloued frende a songe of his vynyearde. My beloued frende hath a vyneyearde in a very frutefull plenteous grounde. 2 This he hedged, this he walled rounde aboute, and planted it with goodly grapes. In the myddest of it buylded he a towre, and made a wyne presse therin And afterwarde when he loked yt it shulde bringe him grapes, it brought forth thornes. 3 I shewe you now my cause (o ye Citysens of Ierusalem and whole Iuda:) Iudge I praye you betwixte me: and my wynegardinge. 4 What more coude haue bene done for it, that I haue not done? Wherfore then hath it geuen thornes, where I loked to haue had grapes of it? 5 Well, I shall tell you how I will do wt my vynyarde: I will take the hedge from it, that it maye perish, and breake downe ye wall, that it maye be troden vnder fote. 6 I will laye it waist, that it shall nether be twysted nor cut, but beare thornes and breares. I wil also forbyd ye cloudes, that they shal not rayne vpon it. 7 As for the vynyarde of the LORDE of hoostes it is the house of Israel, and whole Iuda his fayre plantinge. Of these he loked for equyte, but se there is wronge: for rightuousnesse, lo, It is but misery.

Isaiah 57:17-18

17 I am wroth wt hi for his couetousnes & lust, I smyte him, I hyde me, and am angrie, whe he turneth himself, and foloweth ye bywaye of his owne hert. 18 But yf I maye se his right waye agayne, I make him whole, I lede him, and restore him vnto them whom he maketh ioyful, & that were sory for him.

Matthew 21:33-45

33 Heare another parable. There was a certayne houssholder which planted a vynyarde, and hedged it roude aboute, and dygged a wyne presse in it, and built a tower, and let it out vnto hussbandmen, and wente in to a straunge countre. 34 Now wha the tyme of the frute drew neare, he sent his seruautes to the hussbandmen, to receaue the frutes of it. 35 Then the hussbandmen caught his seruauntes: one they bett, another they kylled, the thirde they stoned. 36 Agayne, he sent other seruauntes, moo then the first, and they dyd vnto them in like maner. 37 At the last he sent his owne sonne vnto them, and sayde: they wyl stode in awe of my sonne. 38 But whe the hussbandme sawe the sonne, they sayde amonge the selues: This is the Heyre, come, let us kyl hym, and take his inheritauce vnto oure selues. 39 And they caught him, and thrust him out of the vynyarde, & slew him. 40 Now whe the lorde of the vynyarde commeth, what wyl he do wt those hussbandmen? 41 They sayde vnto him: He wyl cruelly destroye those euell personnes, & let out his vyniarde vnto other hussbadmen, which shal delyuer him the frute at tymes conuenyent. 42 Iesus sayde vnto the: Dyd ye neuer rede in the scriptures: The same stone which the buylders refused, is become the heade stone in the corner? This was the LORDES doynge, & it is maruelous i oure eyes 43 Therfore I saie vnto you: The kingdome of God shalbe take fro you, & shalbe geue vnto the Heithe, which shal brynge forth ye frutes of it. 44 And who so falleth vpo this stone, shalbe broke in peces: & loke vpo whom it falleth, it shal grynde him to poulder. 45 And when the hye prestes & Pharises herde his parables, they perceaued, that he spake of them.

Luke 15:11-32

11 And he sayde: A certayne man had two sonnes, 12 and the yonger of them sayde vnto the father: Father, geue me the porcion of ye goodes, that belongeth vnto me. And he deuyded the good vnto them. 13 And not longe therafter, gathered the yonger sonne all together, & toke his iourney in to a farre countre, and there waisted he his goodes with ryotous lyuynge. 14 Now whan he had spent all that he had, there was a greate derth thorow out all the same lode. And he begane to lacke, 15 and wente his waye, and claue to a cytesin of that same countre, which sent him in to his felde, to kepe swyne. 16 And he wolde fayne haue fylled his bely with the coddes, that the swyne ate. And no man gaue him them. 17 Then came he to him self, and sayde: How many hyred seruauntes hath my father, which haue bred ynough, and I perish of honger? 18 I wil get vp, and go to my father, and saye vnto him: Father, I haue synned agaynst heauen and before the, 19 and am nomore worthy to be called thy sonne, make me as one of thy hyred seruauntes. 20 And he gat him vp, & came vnto his father. But whan he was yet a greate waye of, his father sawe him, and had copassion, and ranne, and fell aboute his neck, and kyssed him. 21 Then sayde the sonne vnto him: Father, I haue synned agaynst heaue, and before the, I am nomore worthy to be called thy sonne. 22 But the father sayde vnto his seruauntes: Brynge forth the best garment, and put it vpon him, and geue him a rynge vpon his hande, and shues on his fete, 23 and brynge hither a fed calfe, and kyll it, lat vs eate and be mery: 24 for this my sonne was deed, and is alyue agayne: he was lost, and is founde. And they beganne to be mery. 25 But the elder sonne was in the felde. And whan he came, and drewe nye to the house, he herde ye mynstrelsye and daunsynge, 26 and called one of the seruauntes vnto him, and axed what it was. 27 He sayde vnto him: Thy brother is come, and thy father hath slayne a fed calfe, because he hath receaued him safe and sounde. 28 Then was he angrie, and wolde not go in. Then wente his father out, and prayed him. 29 But he answered, and sayde vnto his father: Lo, thus many yeares haue I done the seruyce, nether haue I yet broken thy commaundement, and thou gauest me neuer one kydd, yt I might make mery with my frendes. 30 But now that this thy sonne is come, which deuoured his goodes with harlottes, thou hast slayne a fed calfe. 31 But he sayde vnto him: My sonne, thou art allwaye with me, and all that is myne, is thine: 32 thou shuldest be mery and glad, for this yi brother was deed, and is alyue agayne: he was lost, and is founde agayne.

Luke 16:19-31

19 There was a certayne riche man, which clothed him self with purple and costly lynnen, and fared deliciously euery daye. 20 And there was a poore man named Lazarus which laye at his gate full of sores, 21 and desyred to be fylled with the crommes, that fell from the riche mans table. Yet came the dogges, and licked his sores. 22 But it fortuned, that the poore man dyed, and was caried of the angels in to Abrahams bosome. The riche man dyed also, and was buried. 23 Now whan he was in the hell, he lift vp his eyes in the payne, and sawe Abraham afarre of, and Lazarus in his bosome: 24 and he cried, and sayde: Father Abraham, haue mercy vpon me, and sende Lazarus, that he maye dyppe the typpe of his fynger in water, & coole my tonge, for I am tormeted in this flame. 25 But Abraha saide: Remebre sonne, yt thou hast receaued good in yi life, & contrary wyse Lazarus receaued euell. But now is he comforted, and thou art tormented. 26 And beside all this, there is a greate space set betwene vs and you: so yt they which wolde go downe from hence vnto you, cannot: nether maye they passe ouer from thence vnto vs. 27 Then sayde he: I pray the then father, that thou wilt sende him vnto my fathers house, 28 for I haue yet fyue brethren, that he maye warne them, lest they also come in to this place of torment. 29 Abraham sayde vnto him: They haue Moses and the prophetes, let them heare them. 30 But he sayde: Nay father Abraham, but yf one wente vnto them fro the deed, they wolde do pennaunce. 31 Neuertheles he sayde vnto him: Yf they heare not Moses & the prophetes, then shal they not beleue also, though one rose agayne fro the deed.

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