2 Kings 20:8 Cross References - Coverdale

8 Ezechias sayde vnto Esay: Which is ye token, that the LORDE wyll heale me, and that I shal go vp in to the house of ye LORDE on the thirde daye?

Judges 6:17

17 He sayde vnto him: Yf I haue foude grace in thy sighte, then make me a token, that it is thou, which speakest with me:

Judges 6:37-40

37 the wil I laye a flese of woll in the courte: yf ye dew be onely vpon ye flese, & drye vpon all the grounde, then wyll I perceaue, that thou shalt delyuer Israel thorow my hande, as thou hast sayde. 38 And it came so to passe. And whan he rose vp early on the morow, he wrage ye dew out of the flese, and fylled a dysshe full of water. 39 And Gedeon sayde vnto God Be not wroth at me, that I speake yet this one tyme. I wyl proue yet but once with the flese, let it be drye onely vpon the flese, and dew vpon all the grounde. 40 And God dyd so the same nighte: so that it was drye onely vpon the flese, and dew vpon all the grounde.

2 Kings 19:29

29 And let this be a token vnto the O Ezechias. In this yeare eate yt which is fallen. in the seconde yeare soch as groweth of it selfe: In ye thirde yeare sowe and reape, and plante vynyardes, and eate the frute therof.

2 Kings 20:5

5 Turne back, & tell Ezechias ye prynce of my people: Thus sayeth ye LORDE God of thy father Dauid: I haue herde thy praier, & considered yi teares. Beholde, I wil heale ye: on the thirde daye shalt thou go in to ye house of the LORDE,

Isaiah 7:11

11 requyre a token of the LORDE thy God, whether it be towarde the depth beneth or towarde ye hight aboue.

Isaiah 7:14

14 And therfore the LORDE shal geue you a token of himself: Beholde, a virgin shal coceaue and beare a sonne, and shal call his name Emanuel.

Isaiah 38:22

22 Then saide Ezechias: O what a greate thinge is this, that I shal go vp in to the house of the LORDE.

Hosea 6:2

2 He hath wounded vs, & he shal bynde vs vp agayne: after two dayes shal he quycken vs, in the thirde daye he shal rase vs vp, so that we shal lyue in his sight.

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