2 Chronicles 28:10 Cross References - Coverdale

10 Now thinke ye to subdue the children of Iuda and Ierusalem, to be bondmen and bondmaydens vnto you. Is not this a trespace then wt you agaynst the LORDE yor God?

Leviticus 25:39-46

39 Whan thy brother waxeth poore besyde the, and selleth himself vnto the, thou shalt not holde him as a bode ma: 40 but as an hyred seruaunte and as a soiourner shall he be wt the, and serue the vntyll ye yeare of Iubilye. 41 Then shal he departe lowse from the, & his childre with him, & shal returne to his awne kinred, and to his fathers possession: 42 for they are my seruauntes, whom I brought out of the londe of Egipte. Therfore shal they not be solde like bondmen. 43 And thou shalt not raigne ouer them with crueltie, but shalt feare thy God. 44 But yf thou wylt haue bode seruauntes and maydens, thou shalt bye them of the Heithen, that are rounde aboute you: 45 of the children of the soiourners and straungers amonge you, and of their generacions with you, and that are borne in youre londe, the same shal ye haue for bonde seruautes, 46 & shal possesse them, & youre children after you for an euerlastinge possession, these shalbe yor bondmen. But ouer youre brethren the children of Israel, there shall none of you raigne ouer another with crueltie.

Jeremiah 25:29

29 For lo, I begynne to plage the cite, that my name is geuen vnto: thynke ye then, that I will leaue you vnpunyshed? Ye shall not go quyte. For why, I call for a swearde vpo all the inhabitours of the earth, saieth the LORDE of hoostes.

Matthew 7:2-4

2 For as ye iudge, so shal ye be iudged. And with what measure ye meete, with the same shall it be measured to you agayne. 3 Why seist thou a moate in thy brothers eye, and perceauest not the beame yt is yn thine awne eye? 4 Or why saiest thou to yi brother: holde, I wil plucke the moate out of thyne eye, and beholde, a beame is in thyne awne eye.

Romans 12:20-21

20 Therfore yf thine enemye hunger, fede him: Yf he thyrst, geue him drinke. For in so doinge thou shalt heape coales of fyre vpo his heade. 21 Be not ouercome with euell, but ouercome thou euell with good.

1 Peter 4:17-18

17 For ye tyme is come, that iudgmet must begynne at the house of God. Yf it first begynne at vs, what shal the ende be of the which beleue not the Gospell of God? 18 And yf ye righteous scacely be saued, where shal ye vngodly & synner appeare?

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