2 Chronicles 15:6 Cross References - Coverdale

6 For one people shall all to smyte another, & one cite another: for God shal vexe them wt all maner of trouble.

Judges 2:14

14 Then ye wrath of the LORDE waxed whote vpo Israel, & he delyuered the in to ye handes of those yt spoyled the, that they mighte spoyle them, & solde the in to the handes of their enemies roude aboute, & they were not able to withstonde their enemies eny more,

2 Chronicles 12:15

15 These actes of Roboam, both fyrst and last, are wrytten in the actes of Semaia the prophet, & of Iddo the Seer, and are noted, & so are the warres that Roboam and Ieroboam had together as longe as they lyued.

2 Chronicles 13:17

17 so that Abia & his people dyd a greate slaughter vpon them, and there fell wounded of Israel fyue hundreth thousande chosen men.

2 Chronicles 33:11

11 Therfore dyd the LORDE cause the rulers of the hoost of the kynge of Assur to come vpo the, which toke Manasses presoner with bodes, and bounde him with cheynes, & broughte him vnto Babilon.

2 Chronicles 36:17

17 For he broughte the kynge of the Caldees vpon them, and caused for to slaye all their yonge men with the swerde in the house of their Sanctuary, and spared nether yonge ma ner virgin, nether aged ner graudfather, but gaue them all in to his hande.

Psalms 106:41

41 And gaue them ouer in to the honde of the Heithe, and they that hated them, were lordes ouer them.

Isaiah 10:6

6 For I shal sende him amonge those ypocritish poeple, amonge the people that haue deserued my disfauoure shal I send him: that he maye utterly robbe them, spoyle them, and treade them downe like the myre in the strete.

Amos 3:6

6 Crie they out Alarum with the trompet in the cite, and the people not afrayed? Commeth there eny plage in a cite, without it be the LORDES doinge?

Matthew 24:7

7 For one people shall ryse vp agaynst another, and one realme agaynst another: and there shalbe pestilece, honger, and earthquakes here & there.

Mark 13:8

8 One people shal ryse ageynst another, and one realme ageynst another, and there shal be earth quakes here and there, and derth shal there be and troubles. These are the begynnynge of sorowes.

Luke 21:9-10

9 But whan ye heare of warres and insurreccions, be not ye afrayed, for soch must come to passe, but the ende is not yet there so soone. 10 Then sayde he vnto them: One people shal ryse agaynst another, and one realme ageynst another,

Luke 21:22-24

22 For these are the dayes of vengeaunce, that euery thinge which is wrytten,maye be fulfilled. 23 But wo vnto them that are with childe, and to them that geue sucke in those dayes: for there shalbe greate trouble vpon earth, and wrath ouer this people, 24 and they shal fall thorow the edge of the swerde, and be led captyue amoge all nacions. And Ierusale shalbe troden downe of the Heithen, vntyll the tyme of the Heithen be fulfilled.

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