2 Chronicles 13:8 Cross References - Coverdale

8 Now thinke ye to set youre selues against the kyngdome of the LORDE amonge the sonnes of Dauid, for so moch as there is so greate a multitude of you, and haue ye golden calues yt Ieroboam made for goddes.

1 Kings 12:28

28 And the kynge helde a councell and made two golden calues, and sayde vnto them: It is to moch for you to go to Ierusale: beholde, there is thy God (O Israel) which broughte ye out of Egipte.

1 Kings 14:9

9 and thou hast done worse then all they that haue bene before the: thou hast gone thy waye and made the other goddes, and molten ymages, to prouoke me vnto wrath, and hast cast me behynde thy backe.

2 Chronicles 9:8

8 Praysed be the LORDE thy God, which had soch pleasure vnto the, that he hath set the vpon his seate to be kynge vnto the LORDE thy God. Because thy God loueth Israel, to set them vp for euer, therfore hath he ordeyned ye to be kynge ouer them, that thou shuldest mayntayne iustice and equyte.

2 Chronicles 11:15

15 But for himselfe he fouded prestes to ye hye places, & to feldedeuels & calues, which he caused to make.

2 Chronicles 14:9-11

9 But Serah the Moryan came out against the wt an hoost of a thousande times a thousande, and with thre hundreth charettes, and came vnto Maresa. 10 And Asa wente forth agaynst him. And they prepared them selues to the battayll in the valley Zephata beside Maresa. 11 And Asa called vpon ye LORDE his God and sayde: LORDE, it is no differece wt ye, to helpe by fewe or by many. Helpe vs O LORDE oure God: for oure trust is in the, & in thy name are we come forth against this multitude. LORDE oure God, let no man preuayle agaynst the.

2 Chronicles 20:6

6 and sayde: O LORDE God of oure fathers, art not thou God in heauen, and hast domynion in all the kyngdomes of the Heythen? And in thy hande is strength and power, and there is no man that can withstode the.

2 Chronicles 20:12

12 O oure God, wylt thou not iudge them? For in vs is no strength to withstonde this greate multitude that commeth agaynst vs. We knowe not what we shulde do, but oure eyes loke vnto the.

Psalms 2:1-6

1 Why do the Heithe grudge? why do the people ymagyn vayne thinges? 2 The kynges of the earth stode vp, and the rulers are come together, agaynst the LORDE ad agaynst his anoynted. 3 Let vs breake their bondes a sunder, and cast awaye their yocke from vs. 4 Neuerthelesse, he that dwelleth in heauen, shall laugh the to scorne: yee euen the LORDE himselff shall haue them in derision. 5 Then shal he speake vnto them in his wrath, and vexe them in his sore dispeasure. 6 Yet haue I set my kynge vpon my holy hill of Sion.

Psalms 33:16

16 A kynge is not helped by his owne greate hoost, nether is a giaunte saued thorow the might of his owne stregth.

Isaiah 7:6-7

6 sayenge: We will go downe in to Iuda, vexe the, and brynge them vnder vs, and set a Kynge there, euen the sonne of Taball. 7 For thus saieth the LORDE God ther to, It shall not so go forth, nether come so to passe:

Isaiah 9:6-7

6 For vnto us a childe shalbe borne, and vnto us a sonne shalbe geue. Vpo his shulder shal the kyngdome lye, and he shalbe called wt his owne name: The woderous geuer of councel, the mightie God, the euerlastinge father, the prynce of peace, 7 he shal make no ende to encrease the kyngdome and peace, and shal syt vpon the seate of Dauid and in his kyngdome, to set vp the same, to stablish it with equyte and rightuousnesse, from thence forth for euermore. This shal the gelousy of the LORDE of hoostes bringe to passe.

Hosea 8:5-6

5 Thy calfe (O Samaria) shalbe taken awaye. for my wrothfull indignacion is gone forth agaynst the. How longe wil it be, or they can be clensed? 6 For the calfe came from Israel, the worke man made it, therfore can it be no God, but euen to a spyders webbe shal ye calfe of Samaria be turned.

Luke 19:14

14 But his citesyns hated him, and sent a message after him, and sayde: We wil not haue this man to raigne ouer vs.

Luke 19:27

27 As for those myne enemies, which wolde not that I shulde raigne ouer them, bringe them hither, and slaye them before me.

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