1 Samuel 21:6 Cross References - Coverdale

6 Then the prest gaue him of ye holy, in so moch as there was none other bred but the shewbredes, which were taken vp before the LORDE, that there might be other freshbredes set therin the daye wha he toke them awaye.

Leviticus 24:5-9

5 And thou shalt take fyne floure, and bake twolue cakes therof: two teth deales shal euery cake haue, 6 & thou shalt laye them sixe on a rowe vpo the pure table before the LORDE. 7 And vpon the same shalt thou laye pure frankencense, that it maye be bred of remembraunce for an offerynge vnto ye LORDE. 8 Euery Sabbath shal he prepare the before the LORDE allwaye, and receaue them of the children of Israel for an euerlastinge couenaunt. 9 And they shalbe Aarons & and his sonnes, which shal eate them in the holy place. For this is his most holy of the offerynges of the LORDE for a perpetuall dewtye.

Matthew 12:3-4

3 He sayde vnto them: haue ye not red what Dauid did, whan he was hongrie, & they also yt were with him? 4 How he entred in to the house of God, & ate the shew breds which were not laufull for him to eate, nether for the yt were with him, but onely for the prestes?

Mark 2:25-27

25 And he sayde vnto the: Haue ye neuer red what Dauid dyd, wha he had nede, and was anhongred, both he and they that were wt him: 26 how he wente in to the house of God in the tyme of Abiathar the hye prest, and ate the shewbreds (which was laufull for no man to eate, but for the prestes) and he gaue them vnto him, and to them that were with him? 27 nd he sayde vnto them: The Sabbath was made for mans sake, and not man for the Sabbathes sake.

Luke 6:3-4

3 And Iesus answered, and sayde vnto the: Haue ye not red what Dauid dyd, wha he was hongrie, and they that were with him, 4 how he wente in to the house of God, and toke the shewbred, and ate, and gaue also vnto them that were with him, which was laufull for no man to eate, but for the prestes onely?

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