1 Kings 6:16 Cross References - Coverdale

16 And behynde in the house he buylded a wall of Ceder tymber twentye cubytes longe, from the floore vnto the rofe. And there on the ynsyde buylded he the quere for the most holy.

Exodus 25:21-22

21 And thou shalt set ye Mercyseate aboue vpon the Arke. And in the Arke thou shalt laye the wytnesse, yt I shal geue the. 22 From yt place wyll I testifie vnto ye, and talke with the, namely, from ye Mercyseate (betwixte the two Cherubyns) which is vpon the Arke of wytnesse, of all that I wyl comaunde ye vnto the children of Israel.

Exodus 26:23

23 and two bordes mo for the two corners of the habitacion,

Exodus 26:33-34

33 And the vayle shalt thou festen with buttons, and set the Arke of wytnesse within the vayle, that it maye be vnto you a difference betwixte the holy and the Most holy. 34 And thou shalt set the Mercy seate vpon the Arke of wytnesse in the Most holy.

Leviticus 16:2

2 Speake vnto Aaron thy brother, yt he go not at all tymes in to ye ynnermer Sanctuary, within the vale before the Mercyseate, which is vpon the Arke, yt he dye not: for I wyll appeare in a cloude vpon ye Mercyseate.

1 Kings 6:5

5 And rounde aboute by the wall of ye house he buylded a compase, so yt it wente both aboute the temple and the quere, and made his outwarde wall roude aboute.

1 Kings 6:19-20

19 As for the quere, he prepared it on the ynsyde of the house, that the Arke of the couenaunt of the LORDE might be set therin. 20 And before the quere (which was twentye cubites longe, twentye cubytes brode, and twentye cubytes hye, and ouerlayed with pure golde) he syled the altare with Ceder.

1 Kings 8:6

6 So the prestes broughte the Arke of the LORDES couenaunt vnto hir place, euen in to ye Quere of the house in the most holy vnder ye wynges of the Cherubins.

2 Chronicles 3:8

8 He made also the house of the Most holy, whose length was twentye cubites acordinge to the wydenesse of the house: and the bredth of it was twentye cubites likewyse, and he ouerlayed it with the best golde by sixe hundreth talentes.

Ezekiel 45:3

3 And from this meausre, namely of xxv M metteroddes longe, and x M brode, thou shalt measure, wherin the Sanctuary and the holiest of all maye stonde.

Hebrews 9:3

3 But behynde the seconde vayle was the Tabernacle which is called Holiest of all,

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