1 Kings 5:1 Cross References - Coverdale

1 And Hiram ye kynge of Tyre sent his seruauntes vnto Salomon, for he had herde, yt they had anoynted him kynge in his fathers steade: For Hiram loued Dauid as loge as he lyued.

2 Samuel 5:11

11 And Hiram the kynge of Tyre sent messaungers vnto Dauid, and Ceder trees for walles, and Carpenters, and Masons, to builde Dauid an house.

2 Samuel 8:10

10 he sent his sonne Ioram vnto Dauid to salute him frendly, & to blesse him, because he had foughten with Adad Eser and smytten him (for Thoi had warre with Hadad Eser) and had Iewels with him of syluer, of golde, and of brasse:

2 Samuel 10:1-2

1 And it fortuned after this, that ye kynge of the children of Ammon dyed, & his sonne Hanun was kynge in his steade. 2 Then sayde Dauid: I wyll do mercy vpon Hanun the sonne of Nahas, as his father dyd mercy vpon me. And so he sent, and comforted him by his seruautes ouer his fathers death. Now whan Dauids seruautes came into the londe of the children of Ammon,

1 Kings 5:10

10 So Hira gaue Salomon Ceders and Pyne trees acordinge to all his desyre.

1 Kings 5:13

13 And Salomon made an outchosynge (of workmen) thorow out all Israel. And ye outchosynge was thirtie thousande me,

1 Kings 9:12-14

12 And Hiram departed from Tyre to vyset the cities which Salomon had geuen him, & they pleased him not, 13 and he sayde: What maner of cities are these (my brother) that thou hast geue me? And he called them the londe of Cabul vnto this daye. 14 And Hiram vnto the kynge, sixe score hundreth weight of Golde.

1 Chronicles 14:1

1 And Hiram ye kynge of Tyre sent messaungers vnto Dauid and Cedre tymber, and masons and carpenters, to buylde him an house.

2 Chronicles 2:3

3 And Salomon sent vnto Hiram the kynge of Tyre, sayenge: As thou dyddest with my father, & sendedst him Ceder trees, to builde an house for to dwell in (euen so do thou wt me also.)

Psalms 45:12

12 So shal the kynge haue pleasure in thy beutie, for he is thy LORDE, & thou shalt worshipe him.

Amos 1:9

9 Thus sayeth the LORDE: For thre and foure wickednesses off the cite off Tyre, I will not spare her: because they haue increased ye captiuyte of the Edomites, and haue not remembred the brotherly couenaunt.

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