1 Kings 1:49 Cross References - Coverdale

49 Then were they afrayed, and gatt them vp all that were called by Adonias, and so they departed euery man his waye.

Proverbs 28:1

1 The vngodly flyeth no man chasynge him, but the rightuous stondeth stiff as a lyon.

Isaiah 21:4-5

4 Myne herte paunted, I trembled for feare. The darcknesse made me fearfull in my mynde. 5 Yee soone make redy the table (sayde this voyce) kepe the watch, eate and drynke: Vp ye captaynes, take you to youre shylde,

Daniel 5:4-6

4 They dronke wyne, and praysed their Idols of golde, syluer, copper, yron, wodde and stone. 5 In the very same houre there appeared fyngers, as it had bene of a mans honde writynge, right ouer agaynst the candelsticke vpon the playne wall in the kynges palace: and the kynge sawe the palme of ye honde yt wrote. 6 Then chaunged the kynge his countenaunce, and his thoughtes troubled him: so that the ioyntes off his body shoke, and his knees smote one agaynst the other.

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