1 Kings 1:35 Cross References - Coverdale

35 and go ye vp after him: and whan he commeth, he shal syt vpo my seate, and be kynge in my steade: for I haue ordeyned him to be prynce ouer Israel and Iuda.

1 Kings 1:13

13 Come now and go in to kinge Dauid and saye vnto him: Hast not thou my lorde the kynge sworne and sayde vnto thy handmayden: Salomon thy sonne shall be kynge after me, and he shall sytt vpon my seate? Why is then Adonias made kynge?

1 Kings 1:17

17 She sayde vnto him: My lorde, Thou hast sworne vnto thy handmayde by the LORDE thy God: Thy sonne Salomon shall be kynge after me and syt vpon my seate.

1 Kings 2:12

12 And Salomon sat vpon the seate of Dauid his father, and his kyngdome was made very sure.

1 Kings 2:15

15 He sayde: Thou knowest that the kyngdome was myne, and that all Israel had sett them selues vpon me, that I shulde be kynge, but now is the kyngdome turned, and become my brothers: for he hath it of the LORDE.

1 Chronicles 23:1

1 So Dauid made Salomon his sonne kynge ouer Israel, whan he himselfe was olde, and had lyued ynough.

1 Chronicles 28:4-5

4 Now hath the LORDE God of Israel chosen me out of all my fathers house, yt I shulde be kynge ouer Israel: for Iuda hath he chosen to be the Prynce, and in the house of Iuda amonge my fathers children hath he had pleasure vnto me, to make me kynge ouer all Israel: 5 and amoge all my sonnes (for the LORDE hath geuen me many sonnes) he hath chosen Salomon my sonne, to syt vpon the seate of the kyngdome of the LORDE ouer Israel,

Psalms 2:6

6 Yet haue I set my kynge vpon my holy hill of Sion.

Psalms 72:1-2

1 Geue the kinge thy iudgmet (o God) and thy rightuousnesse vnto the kynges sonne. 2 That he maye gouerne thy people acordinge vnto right, and defende thy poore.

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