1 Kings 18:27 Cross References - Coverdale

27 Now whan it was noone daye, Elias mocked them, and sayde: Crye loude. For he is a god, peradueture he is musynge, or hath somwhat to do, or is gone some iourneye, or happlye he slepeth, so that he wolde be waked vp.

1 Kings 22:15

15 And whan he came to the kynge, the kynge sayde vnto him: Micheas, shal we go vnto Ramoth in Gilead to fight or shall we let it alone? He sayde vnto him: Yee, go vp, thou shalt prospere righte well, the LORDE shall geue it in to the kynges hande.

2 Chronicles 25:8

8 For yf thou commest to shewe yi boldnes in the battaill, God shal make the fall before thine enemies. For God hath power to helpe, and to cause for to fall.

Psalms 44:23

23 Vp LORDE, why slepest thou? Awake, and cast vs not of for euer.

Psalms 78:65-66

65 Their prestes were slayne with the swerde, and there were no wyddowes to make lamentacion. 66 So the LORDE awaked as one out of slepe, and like a giaunte refreshed with wyne.

Psalms 121:4

4 Beholde, he that kepeth Israel, doth nether slombre ner slepe.

Ecclesiastes 11:9

9 Be glad then (O thou yonge man) in thy youth, and lat thine hert be mery in thy yonge dayes: folowe the wayes of thine owne hert, and the lust of thine eyes: but be thou sure, that God shal bringe the in to iudgment for all these thinges.

Isaiah 8:9-10

9 Go together ye people, and gather you, herken to all ye of farre countrees. Mustre you, and gather you: mustre you and gather you, 10 take youre councel together, yet must youre councel come to nought: go in honde withal, yet shal it not prospere. Excepte Emanuel: (that is God) be with

Isaiah 41:23

23 Ether, let the shewe vs thinges for to come, and tel vs what shalbe done herafter: so shal we knowe, that they be goddes. Shewe somthinge, ether good or bad, so wil we both knowlege ye same, & tel it out.

Isaiah 44:15-17

15 which wodde serueth for me to burne. Of this he taketh and warmeth himself withall: he maketh a fyre of it to bake bred. And after warde maketh a god there of, to honoure it: and an Idol, to knele before it. 16 One pece he burneth in the fyre, with another he rosteth flesh, that he maye eate roste his bely full: with the thirde he warmeth himself, and saieth: Aha: I am well warmed, I haue bene at the fyre. 17 And of the residue, he maketh him a god, and an Idol for himself. He kneleth before it, he worshippeth it, he prayeth vnto it, and sayeth: delyuer me, for thou art my god.

Isaiah 51:9

9 Wake vp, wake vp, & be stronge: O thou arme of the LORDE: wake vp, lyke as in tymes past, euer and sence the worlde beganne.

Ezekiel 20:39

39 Go now then (saieth the LORDE God) ye house of Israel, cast awaye, and destroye euery man his Idols: then shal ye heare me, and nomore blaspheme my holy name with youre offrynges and Idols.

Amos 4:4-5

4 Ye came to Bethel for to worke vngraciousnes, and haue increased youre synnes at Galgal. Ye brought youre sacrifices in the mornynge, and youre tythes vnto the thirde daye. 5 Ye made a thakofferinge off leuen, ye promised frewillofferinges, and proclamed them. Soch lust had ye, o ye children of Israel, sayeth the LORDE God.

Matthew 26:45

45 Then came he to his disciples, and sayde vnto them: Slepe on now, and take youre rest. Beholde, the houre is come, yt the sonne of man shalbe delyuered in to the hondes of synners:

Mark 4:38-39

38 And he was behynde in the shippe and slepte vpon a pelowe. And they awoke him & sayde vnto him: Master, Carest thou not, that we perishe? 39 And he arose, and rebuked ye wynde, and sayde vnto the see: Peace, and be styll, And the wynde was layed, & there folowed a greate calme.

Mark 7:9

9 And he saide vnto the: How goodly haue ye cast asyde the comaundement of God, to manteyne youre owne tradicions?

Mark 14:41

41 And he came the thirde tyme, and sayde vnto them: Slepe on now, and take youre rest, It is ynough, the houre is come: beholde, ye sonne of man shalbe delyuered in to the handes of synners:

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