1 Kings 15:5 Cross References - Coverdale

5 because Dauid dyd the thinge yt was righte in ye sighte of the LORDE, and departed not from all that he commaunded him as longe as he lyued (sauynge in the matter with Vrias ye Hethite).

2 Samuel 11:3-4

3 And Dauid sent, and caused to axe what woman it was, and sayde: Is not that Bethseba the doughter of Eliam the wife of Vrias the Hethite? 4 And Dauid sent messaugers, and caused for to fetch her. And wha she was come in vnto him, he laye with her. Neuertheles she halowed hir selfe from hir vnclennes, and turned agayne vnto hir house.

2 Samuel 11:15-17

15 After this maner wrote he in the letter: Set Vrias in ye forest parte of ye batayll, & turne you behynde him, yt he maye be slayne. 16 Now wha Ioab layed sege to the cite, he set Vrias in ye place, where he knewe yt the mightiest men of Armes were. 17 And whan the men of the cite fell out and foughte agaynst Ioab, there fell certayne of ye people of Dauids seruauntes. And Vrias the Hethite dyed also.

2 Samuel 12:9-10

9 Wherfore hast thou then despysed the worde of the LORDE, to do soch euell in his sighte? Vrias the Hethite hast thou slayne with the swerde: His wife hast thou taken to be thy wyfe, but him hast thou slayne with ye swerde of the children of Ammon. 10 Now therfore shal not ye swerde departe from thy house for ouer, because thou hast despysed me, and taken the wife of Vrias the Hithite, to be thy wife.

1 Kings 9:4

4 And yf thou walke before me (as thy father Dauid walked) with a perfecte and a true hert, so that thou do all that I haue commaunded the, and kepe myne ordinaunces and lawes,

1 Kings 14:8

8 and haue rente the kyngdome from the house of Dauid, and geuen it the. But thou hast not bene as my seruaunt Dauid, which kepte my commaundemetes, and walked after me with all his hert, so that he did onely ye thinge that was righte in my sighte:

1 Kings 15:3

3 and he walked in all the synnes of his father, which he had done before him, and his hert was not perfecte with the LORDE his God, as was the hert of Dauid his father.

2 Kings 22:2

2 and he dyd that which was righte in ye sighte of the LORDE, and walked in all ye waye of Dauid his father, & turned not asyde, nether to the righte hande ner to the lefte.

2 Chronicles 34:2

2 and dyd that which was righte in the sighte of the LORDE, and walked in the wayes of Dauid his father, and turned not asyde, nether to the righte hande ner to the lefte.

Psalms 51:1

1 Haue mercy vpon me (o God) after thy goodnes, & acordinge vnto thy greate mercies, do awaye myne offences.

Psalms 119:6

6 So shulde I not be confounded, whyle I haue respecte vnto all thy commaundementes.

Luke 1:6

6 They were both righteous before God, and walked in all the commaundementes and statutes of the LORDE vnreproueably.

Acts 13:22

22 And whan he had put him downe, he set vp Dauid to be their kynge, of whom he reported, sayenge: I haue founde Dauid the sonne of Iesse, a man after my hert, he shal fulfyll all my wyll.

Acts 13:36

36 For Dauid, whan he in his tyme had serued the wyll of God, he fell a slepe, and was layed by his fathers, & sawe corrupcion.

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