1 Kings 15:13 Cross References - Coverdale

13 He put his mother from the mynistracion, that she had made vnto Miplezeth in ye groue. And Asa roted out hir Miplezeth, and brent it in the broke Cedron:

Exodus 32:20

20 And he toke the calfe that they had made, and brent it with fyre, and stamped it vnto poulder, and strowed it in the water, & gaue it vnto the children of Israel to drynke,

Leviticus 26:30

30 And I wyl destroye youre hye altares, and rote out youre ymages, and wyll cast youre bodies vpon the bodies of youre Idols, and my soule shall abhorre you.

Deuteronomy 7:5

5 But thus shal ye do with them: Ye shal ouerthrowe their altares, breake downe their pilers, cut downe their groues, & burne their ymages with fyre.

Deuteronomy 9:21

21 As for youre synne (namely, the calfe that ye had made) I toke it, and burnt it with the fyre, and smote it a sunder, & grynde it in peces, euen vnto dust, and cast the dust in to the broke that descended from the mount.

Deuteronomy 13:6-11

6 Yf thy brother, the sonne of thy mother, or thine awne sonne, or thy doughter, or the wyfe in thy bosome, or thy frende which is vnto the as thine owne soule, entyse the secretly, and saye: Let vs go and serue other goddes (whom thou knowest not, ner yet thy father) 7 which are amonge the nacions rounde aboute you, whether they be nye vnto the or farre from the, from the one ende of the earth vnto the other: 8 consente not vnto him, and herke not vnto him. Thine eye also shal not pytie him, and thou shalt haue no compassion vpon him, ner kepe him secrete, but shalt cause him to be slayne: 9 thine hade shalbe first vpon him, to cause him to be slayne, and then the handes of all the people. 10 He shalbe stoned to death, because he wente aboute to thrust the awaye from the LORDE thy God, which broughte the out of the londe of Egipte from the house of bodage: 11 yt all Israel maye heare, and feare him, and do nomore soch euell amonge you.

Deuteronomy 33:9

9 He that sayeth vnto his father and to his mother: I se him not: and to his brother, I knowe him not: and to his sonne, I wote not of him, those haue obserued thy wordes, and kepte yi couenaunt:

Joshua 6:24

24 As for the cite, they brent it with fyre, & all that was therin: onely the syluer and golde, and the ornamentes of brasse and yro put they vnto the treasure in the house of ye LORDE:

2 Samuel 15:23

23 And all the lande wepte with loude voyce, and all the people with them. And the kynge wete ouer the broke Cedron, and all the people wente ouer by the waye that goeth to the wyldernes.

1 Kings 15:2

2 and reigned thre yeare at Ierusalem. His mothers name was. Maecha, the doughter of Abisalom,

1 Kings 15:10

10 and reigned one & fortye yeare at Ierusalem. His graundmothers name was Maecha the doughter of Abisalom.

2 Kings 18:4

4 He put awaye the hye places, and brake downe the pilers, & roted out the groues, and brake the brasen serpente which Moses had made. For vnto that tyme had the children of Israel brent incese vnto it. And it was called Nehusthan.

2 Kings 23:6

6 And the groue caused he to be caryed from the house of the LORDE out of Ierusalem in to ye valley of Cedron, and brent it in the valley of Cedron, and made it to dust, and cast the dust vpon the graues of ye comen people.

2 Kings 23:12-15

12 and the altares vpon the rofe of Achabs perler, which the kynges of Iuda had made. And the altares which Manasses had made in the two courtes of the house of the LORDE, dyd the kynge breake downe. And ranne from thence, and cast the dust of them in to the broke Cedron. 13 And the hye places that were before Ierusalem on the righte hande of Mount Mashith which Salomon the kynge of Israel had buylded vnto Astaroth the abhomynacion of Sidon, and to Camos the abhominacion of Moab, and to Malcom the abhominacion of the children of Ammon, those did the kynge suspende, 14 and brake the pilers, and roted out the groues, and fylled their places with mens bones. 15 And the altare at Bethel, and the hye place that Ieroboam the sonne of Nebat made, which caused Israel to synne, the same altare brake he downe, and the hye place, & brent the hye place, and made it to dust, and brent vp the groue.

2 Chronicles 15:15-19

15 And all Iuda were glad ouer the ooth: for they had sworne with all their hert, and they soughte him with a whole wyll: and he was founde of them, and the LORDE gaue them rest on euery syde. 16 And Asa ye kynge put downe his mother from the mynistracion, that she had founded in the groue vnto Miplezeth. And Asa roted out hir Miplezeth, and beate it in sunder, and brent it by the broke Cedron. 17 But the hye places were not put downe out of Israel. Yet was the hert of Asa perfecte as longe as he lyued. 18 And loke what his father had halowed, and that he him selfe had halowed, he broughte it in to ye house of God, syluer, golde and ornametes. 19 And there was no warre vnto the fyue and thirtieth yeare of the reigne of Asa.

2 Chronicles 34:4

4 and caused the altares of Baalim to be broken downe before him, and the ymages that were theron, hewed he downe. And ye groues and carued Idols and molte ymages brake he in peces, and made them to dust, and scatred it vpon the graues of them that had offred vnto them.

Zechariah 13:3

3 So that yf eny off them prophecy eny more, his owne father and mother that begat him, shall saye vnto him: Thou shalt dye, for thou speakest lyes vnder the name off the LORDE: Yee his owne father and mother that begat him, shall wounde him, when he prophecyeth.

Matthew 10:37

37 Who so loueth father and mother more then me, is not mete for me: and he that loueth sonne or doughter more then me, is not mete for me.

Matthew 12:46-50

46 Whyle he yet talked vnto the people, beholde, his mother & his brethre stode without desyringe to speake wt him. 47 Then sayde one vnto him: Beholde, thy mother and thy brethren stonde without, & wolde speake wt the. 48 Neuertheles he answered & sayde vnto him that tolde him: Who is my mother? & who are my brethren? 49 And he stretched forth his hande ouer his disciples, & sayde: Beholde my mother and my brethre. 50 For who soeuer doth ye wyll of my father which is in heaue, the same is my brother, sister and mother.

John 18:1

1 Whan Iesus had thus spoke, he wete forth with his disciples ouer the broke Cedron, where there was a garde, in to the which Iesus entred and his disciples.

2 Corinthians 5:16

16 Therfore hence forth knowe we noman after ye flesh: and though we haue knowne Christ also after the flesh, yet knowe we him now so nomore.

Galatians 2:5-6

5 To whom we gaue no rowme, no not for the space of an houre, as concernynge to be broughte in to subieccion: yt the trueth of the Gospell mighte comtynue with you. 6 As for the that semed to be greate, what they were in tyme passed, it maketh no matter to me. For God loketh not on the outwarde appearaunce of men. Neuertheles they which semed greate, taught me nothinge:

Galatians 2:14

14 But whan I sawe that they walked not right after ye trueth of the Gospell, I sayde vnto Peter openly before all: Yf thou beynge a Iewe, lyuest after the maner of the Gentyles, and not as do the Iewes, why causest thou the Gentyles then to lyue as do the Iewes?

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