1 Corinthians 15:12 Cross References - Coverdale

12 But yf Christ be preached, that he is rysen from the deed, how saye then some amoge you, that there is no resurreccion of the deed?

Acts 17:32

32 Whan they herde of the resurreccion of the deed, some mocked. But some sayde: We wyl heare the agayne of this matter.

Acts 23:8

8 for the Saduces saye that there is no resurreccion, nether angell, ner sprete: but the Pharises graute both.

Acts 26:8

8 Wherfore is this iudged amonge you not to be beleued, that God rayseth vp the deed?

1 Corinthians 15:13-19

13 Yf there be no resurreccio of the deed, then is Christ not rysen. 14 Yf Christ be not rysen, then is oure preachinge in vayne,and youre faith is also in vayne: 15 yee and we are founde false witnesses of God, because we haue testified agaynst God, that he hath raysed vp Christ, whom he hath not raysed vp, yf the deed ryse not agayne. 16 For yf the deed ryse not agayne, the is Christ also not rysen agayne. 17 But yf Christ be not rysen agayne, then is youre faith in vayne, and ye are yet in youre synnes: 18 they also that are falle a slepe in Christ, are perished. 19 Yf in this life onely we hope on Christ, then are we of all men the most miserable.

2 Thessalonians 2:17

17 comforte youre hertes, and stablysh you in all doctryne & good doynge. 18 which as concernynge the trueth haue erred, sayenge, that the resurreccion is past allready, and haue destroyed the faith of dyuerse personnes.

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