1 Corinthians 13:5 Cross References - Coverdale

5 seketh not hir awne, is not prouoked vnto anger, thynketh not euell,

Numbers 12:3

3 But Moses was a very meke man, aboue all men vpon earth.

Numbers 16:15

15 Then was Moses very wroth, & saide vnto ye LORDE: Turne ye not vnto their meatofferinges. I haue not take so moch as an Asse fro the, nether haue I hurte eny of the.

Numbers 20:10-12

10 & Moses & Aaron gathered the congregacion together before the rocke, & sayde vnto the: Heare ye rebellions: Shal we prouyde you water out of this rocke? 11 And Moses lift vp his hande, & smote ye rocke wt the staffe two tymes. Then came ye water out abudantly, so yt the cogregacion dranke, and their catell also. 12 But the LORDE sayde vnto Moses & Aaron: Because ye beleued me not, to sanctifye me before ye childre of Israel, ye shal not bringe this congregacion in to the londe that I shal geue the.

2 Samuel 10:3

3 the mightie men of the children of Ammon sayde vnto Hanun their lorde: Thynkest thou it is for the honor of yi father in yi sighte, yt Dauid hath sent comforters vnto the? Hath he not sent his seruauntes vnto ye (thynkest thou) to spye and search out the cite and to ouerthrowe it?

Job 21:27

27 But I knowe what ye thinke, yee and what ye ymagin agaynst me vnrightuously.

Psalms 106:32-33

32 They angerd him also at the waters of strife, so that Moses was punyshed for their sakes. 33 Because they prouoked his sprete, and he tolde the planely with his lippes.

Proverbs 14:17

17 An vnpacient man handeleth foolishly, but he that is well aduysed, doth other wayes.

Isaiah 3:5

5 One shall euer be doinge violence and wronge to another. The boye shal presume agaynst the elder, and the vyle persone agaynst the honorable.

Jeremiah 11:19

19 But I (as a meke lambe) was caried awaye to be slayne: not knowinge, that they had deuysed soch a councel agaynst me, sayenge: We will destroye his meate with wod, and dryue him out of the londe of the lyuynge, that his name shal neuer be thought vpon.

Jeremiah 18:18-20

18 Then sayde they: come, let vs ymagin somthinge agaynst this Ieremy. Yee this dyd euen the prestes, to whom ye lawe was commytted: the Senatours, yt were the wysest: and the prophetes, which wanted not ye worde off God. Come (sayde they) let vs cut out his tuge, and let vs not regarde his wordes. 19 Considre me (o LORDE) and heare the voyce of myne enemies. 20 Do they not recompence euell for good, when they dygg a pyt for my soule? Remembre, how that I stode before the, to speake for the, ad to turne awaye thy wrath from them.

Jeremiah 40:13-16

13 Morouer Iohanna the sonne of Carea & all ye captaynes of ye hooste, yt were scatred on euery syde in the londe, came to Godolias in Masphat, & sayde vnto him: 14 knowest thou not yt Baalis kinge of ye Ammonites hath sent Ismael ye sonne of Nathanias, to slaye the? But Godolias ye sonne of Ahica beleued the not. 15 The sayde Iohana the sonne of Carea vnto Godolias in Masphat these wordes secretly: Let me go (I praye the) & I will slaye Ismael the sonne of Nathanias, so yt no body shal knowe it. Wherfore will he kyll the, yt all the Iewes which resorte vnto the, might be scatred, & the remnaunt in Iuda perishe? 16 The sayde Godolias the sonne of Ahicam to Iohanna the sonne of Carea: Thou shalt not do it, for they are but lies, that men saye of Ismael.

Matthew 5:22

22 But I saye vnto you: whosoeuer is angrie with his brother, is in daunger of the iudgement. Whosoeuer sayeth vnto his brother: Racha, is in daunger of ye cousell. But whosoeuer sayeth: thou foole, is in daunger of hell fyre.

Matthew 9:4

4 But when Iesus sawe their thoughtes, he sayde: wherfore thinke ye euill in youre hertes?.

Mark 3:5

5 And he loked rounde aboute vpon them with wrath, and was sory for the harde hertes of the, and sayde vnto the man: Stretch out thine hande. And he stretched it out. And his hande was made whole like as ye other.

Luke 7:39

39 But whan the Pharise which had called him sawe that, he spake within himself, and sayde: Yf this ma were a prophet, he wolde knowe who, & what maner of woman this is that toucheth him, for she is a synner.

Romans 14:12-15

12 Thus shal euery one of vs geue acomptes for himselfe vnto God. 13 Let vs not therfore iudge one another enymore. But iudge this rather, yt noma put a stomblinge blocke or an occasion to fall in his brothers waye. 14 I knowe, & am full certified in ye LORDE Iesu, yt there is nothinge comen of itselfe: but vnto him yt iudgeth it to be comen, to him is it comen. 15 But yf yi brother be greued ouer yi meate, the walkest thou not now after charite. Destroye not wt thy meate, him, for whom Christ dyed,

Romans 15:1-2

1 We that are stronge ought to beare ye fraylnesse of them which are weake, and not to stonde in oure awne consaytes. 2 Let euery one of vs ordre himselfe so, that he please his neghboure vnto his welth, and edifienge:

1 Corinthians 7:36

36 But yf eny man thinke that it is vncomly for his virgin yf she passe the tyme of mariage, and if nede so requyre, let him do what he lyst, he synneth not, let the be coupled in mariage.

1 Corinthians 10:24

24 Let noman seke his awne profit, but let euery man seke anothers welth.

1 Corinthians 10:33

33 eue as I also please all men in all thinges, not sekinge myne awne profit, but the profit of many, that they mighte be saued. Folowe ye me, as I do Christ.

1 Corinthians 11:13-16

13 Iudge ye by yor selues, whether it be comly, yt a woma praye before God bare headed? 14 Or doth not nature teach you, yt it is a shame for a man 15 yf he weere loge heer, & a prayse to ye woma, yf she weere loge heer? For hir heer is geue heer to couer her withall. 16 But yf there be eny man amoge you that hath lust to stryue, let him knowe, that we haue no soch custome, nether the congregacions of God.

1 Corinthians 11:18

18 First, whan ye come together in the congregacion, I heare, that there are discensions amonge you, and I partly beleue it.

1 Corinthians 11:21-22

21 And one is hogrie, another is dronke. Haue ye not houses to eate and drynke in? 22 Or despyse ye ye cogregacion of God, and shame them that haue not? What shal I saye vnto you? Shal I prayse you? in this prayse I you not.

1 Corinthians 12:25

25 that there shulde be no stryfe in the body, but that the membres shulde indifferently care one for another. And yf one membre suffre, all the membres suffre with him:

1 Corinthians 14:33-40

33 For God is not a God off discension, but off peace, like as in all congregacions off the sayntes. 34 Let youre wyues kepe sylence in the cogregacion, for it shal not be permytted vnto the to speake, but to be vnder obedience, as ye lawe sayeth also. 35 But yf they wyll lerne eny thinge, let them axe their hussbades at home. For it becommeth not weme to speake in the congregacion. 36 Or spronge the worde of God from amonge you? Or is it come vnto you onely? 37 Yf eny man thynke himselfe to be a prophet, or spirituall, let him knowe what I wryte vnto you, for they are the commaundementes of the LORDE. 38 But yf eny man be ignoraunt, let him be ignoraunt. 39 Wherfore brethren, couet to prophecye, and forbyd not to speake with tunges. 40 Let all thinges be done honestly and in order.

2 Corinthians 5:19

19 For God was in Christ, and reconcyled the worlde vnto himselfe, and counted not ther synnes vnto them, and amonge vs hath he set vp the worde of ye attonemet.

Galatians 5:13

13 But brethre, ye are called vnto liberty, onely let not youre libertie be an occasion vnto the flesh, but by loue serue one another.

Galatians 6:1-2

1 Brethren, Yf eny ma be ouertaken of a faute, ye which are spirituall, enfourme him with a meke sprete: and considre thine owne selfe, that thou also be not tempted. 2 Beare ye one anothers burthe, and so shal ye fulfyll the lawe of Christ.

Philippians 2:3-5

3 that there be nothinge done thorow stryfe and vayne glory, but that thorow mekenesse of mynde euery man esteme another better then himselfe: 4 and let euery ma loke not for his awne profet, but for the profet of other. 5 Let the same mynde be in you, that was in Christ Iesu:

Philippians 2:21

21 for all other seke their awne, not that which is Iesus Christes.

Philippians 4:8

8 Furthermore brethren, whatsoeuer thinges are true, whatsoeuer thinges are honest, what soeuer thinges are iust, what so euer thinges are pure, what soeuer thinges pertayne to loue, whatsoeuer thinges are of honest reporte: yf there be eny vertuous thinge, yf there be eny laudable thinge,

2 Thessalonians 3:7

7 For ye yor selues knowe, how ye oughte to folowe vs: for we behaued not oure selues inordinatly amonge you,

2 Timothy 2:10

10 Therfore suffre I all for the electes sakes, that they also mighte optayne the saluacion in Christ Iesu with eternall glory.

James 1:19

19 Wherfore deare brethren, let euery man be swifte to heare, slowe to speake, and slowe to wrath.

1 John 3:16-17

16 Hereby haue we perceaued loue, that he gaue his life for vs, and therfore ought we also to geue oure lyues for the brethre. 17 But he yt hath this worldes good, & seyth his brother haue nede, and shutteth vp his hert fro him, how dwelleth the loue of God in him?

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