1 Chronicles 6:67 Cross References - Coverdale

67 So gaue they now vnto the (namely vnto the kynred of the children of Kahath) ye fre cities, Sichem vpon mount Ephraim, Geser,

Genesis 33:18

18 Afterwarde came Iacob peaceably vnto the cite of Sichem, which lyeth in ye lande of Canaan, after that he was come agayne out of Mesopotamia, and pitched before the cite,

Genesis 35:4

4 Then gaue they him all the straunge goddes that were vnder their handes, and their earynges, and he buried them vnder an Oke that stode besyde Sichem,

Joshua 12:12

12 the kynge of Eglon, the kynge of Geser,

Joshua 16:3

3 and stretcheth downe westwarde vnto ye coaste of Iaphleti to ye border of the lower Bethoron, and vnto Gaser: and the ende therof is by the greate see.

Joshua 16:10

10 And they droue not out ye Cananites, which dwelt at Gaser. So ye Cananites remayned amoge Ephraim vnto this daye, and became tributaries.

Joshua 20:7

7 Then appoynted they Kedes in Galile vpon mount Nepthali, and Sechem vpon mount Ephraim, and Kiriatharba, that is Hebron vpon mout Iuda.

Joshua 21:21

21 and they gaue the the fre cite of the deedsleiers, Seche and the suburbes therof vpon mount Ephraim Gaser and the suburbes therof,

1 Kings 9:16

16 For Pharao ye kynge of Egipte came vp, and wane Gaser, & brent it with fyre, & slewe the Cananites yt dwelt in the cite, & gaue it for a gifte vnto his doughter Salomos wife.

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