Mark 9:8 Cross References - CLV

8 And suddenly, looking about, they no longer perceived anyone, except Jesus only, with themselves."

Luke 9:36

36 And at the coming of the voice, Jesus was found alone. And they hush, and to no one in those days do they report anything of what they have seen."

Luke 24:31

31 Now their eyes were opened up, and they recognize Him. And He became unapparent to them."

Acts 8:39-40

39 Now when they stepped up out of the water, the spirit of the Lord snatches away Philip, and the eunuch did not perceive him any longer, for he went his way rejoicing." 40 Now Philip was found in Azotus, and, passing through, he brought the evangel to all the cities, till his coming into Caesarea."

Acts 10:16

16 Now this occurred thrice, and straightway the utensil was taken up into heaven."

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