Genesis 1:2 Cross References - CLV

2 Yet the earth became a chaos and vacant, and darkness was on the surface of the submerged chaos. Yet the spirit of the Elohim is vibrating over the surface of the water.

Job 26:7

7 He stretched out the north over the waste, Hanging the earth over the decay.

Job 26:14

14 Behold, these are but the fringes of His ways, And what a small buzz of a word is heard of Him! Yet the thunder of His masterful deeds, who shall understand it?

Psalms 33:6

6 By the word of Yahweh, the heavens were made, And by the spirit of His mouth, all their host."

Psalms 104:30

30 You send forth Your spirit; they are created, And You renew the face of the ground."

Isaiah 40:12-14

12 Who measures the waters in the hollow of His hand, and regulates the heavens with a span? And Who contains, in a peck measure, the soil of all the earth, and weighs, with a balance, the mountains, and the hills with scales? 13 Who regulates the spirit of Yahweh, and which man is informing Him of His counsel? 14 Whom does He consult? And who is explaining things to Him, and is teaching Him, in judgment's path? And who is teaching Him knowledge, and the way of understanding is informing Him? Or, who has given to Him first and will be repaid by Him?

Isaiah 45:18

18 For thus says Yahweh, Creator of the heavens; He is the Elohim, and Former of the earth, and its Maker, and He, He established it. He did not create it a chaos. He formed it to be indwelt. "I am Yahweh, and there is none else."

Jeremiah 4:23

23 I looked [to] the land, and lo, waste and void, And unto the heavens, and their light is not."

Nahum 2:10

10 She is void and voided and evacuated:And the heart is melted, and a quavering of the knees, and a sore travail in all waists, and the faces of them all draw together in frustration."

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