Ezekiel 35:14 Cross References - CLV

14 Thus said the Lord Yahweh:According to the rejoicing of the whole land, A desolation I make of you."

Isaiah 14:7-8

7 At rest, quiet, is the entire earth. Crash do they into jubilation." 8 Moreover, the firs rejoice for you, the cedars of Lebanon:"Since you lie down, the cutter is not coming up against us."

Isaiah 65:13-15

13 Therefore, thus says my Lord Yahweh, "Behold! My servants shall eat, yet you shall be famished. Behold! My servants shall drink, yet you shall thirst. Behold! My servants shall rejoice, yet you shall be ashamed." 14 Behold! My servants shall jubilate from a good heart, yet you shall cry from pain of heart, and from breaking of spirit shall you howl." 15 And you leave your name for an oath to My chosen.And you are put to death by my Lord Yahweh; yet He shall call His servants by another name."

Jeremiah 51:48

48 And cried aloud against Babylon Have heavens and earth, and all that [is] in them, For, from the north come to it do the spoilers, An affirmation of Yahweh."

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