Micah 6:14 Cross References - CKJV_Strongs

  14 H398 You shall eat, H7646 but not be satisfied; H3445 and your casting down H7130 shall be in the midst H5253 of you; and you shall take hold, H6403 but shall not deliver; H6403 and that which you deliver H5414 will I give up H2719 to the sword.

Leviticus 26:26

  26 H7665 And when I have broken H4294 the staff H3899 of your bread, H6235 ten H802 women H644 shall bake H3899 your bread H259 in one H8574 oven, H7725 and they shall deliver H3899 you your bread H7725 again H4948 by weight: H398 and you shall eat, H7646 and not be satisfied.

Deuteronomy 32:22-25

  22 H784 For a fire H6919 is kindled H639 in my anger, H3344 and shall burn H8482 unto the lowest H7585 hell, H398 and shall consume H776 the earth H2981 with her increase, H3857 and set on fire H4144 the foundations H2022 of the mountains.
  23 H5595 I will heap H7451 mischiefs H3615 upon them; I will spend H2671 my arrows upon them.
  24 H4198 They shall be burnt H7458 with hunger, H3898 and devoured H7565 with burning heat, H4815 and with bitter H6986 destruction: H7971 I will also send H8127 the teeth H929 of animals H2534 upon them, with the poison H2119 of serpents H6083 of the dust.
  25 H2719 The sword H2351 outside, H367 and terror H2315 inside, H7921 shall destroy H970 both the young man H1330 and the virgin, H3243 the suckling H376 also with the man H7872 of gray hairs.

Isaiah 3:6-8

  6 H376 When a man H8610 shall take hold H251 of his brother H1004 of the house H1 of his father, H8071 saying, You have clothing, H7101 be you our ruler, H4384 and let this ruin H3027 be under your hand:
  7 H3117 In that day H5375 shall he swear, H559 saying, H2280 I will not be a healer; H1004 for in my house H3899 is neither bread H8071 nor clothing: H7760 make H7101 me not a ruler H5971 of the people.
  8 H3389 For Jerusalem H3782 is ruined, H3063 and Judah H5307 is fallen: H3956 because their tongue H4611 and their doings H3068 are against the Lord, H4784 to provoke H5869 the eyes H3519 of his glory.

Isaiah 9:20

  20 H1504 And he shall snatch H3225 on the right hand, H7457 and be hungry; H398 and he shall eat H8040 on the left hand, H7646 and they shall not be satisfied: H398 they shall eat H376 every man H1320 the flesh H2220 of his own arm:

Isaiah 24:17-20

  17 H6343 Fear, H6354 and the pit, H6341 and the snare, H3427 are upon you, O inhabitant H776 of the earth.
  18 H5127 And it shall come to pass, that he who flees H6963 from the noise H6343 of the fear H5307 shall fall H6354 into the pit; H5927 and he that comes up H8432 out of the midst H6354 of the pit H3920 shall be taken H6341 in the snare: H699 for the windows H4791 from on high H6605 are open, H4146 and the foundations H776 of the earth H7493 do shake.
  19 H776 The earth H7489 is utterly H7489 broken down, H776 the earth H6565 is clean H6565 dissolved, H776 the earth H4131 is moved H4131 exceedingly.
  20 H776 The earth H5128 shall reel H5128 to and forth H7910 like a drunkard, H5110 and shall be removed H4412 like a cottage; H6588 and the transgression H3513 there shall be heavy H5307 upon it; and it shall fall, H6965 and not rise H3254 again.

Isaiah 30:6

  6 H4853 The burden H929 of the animals H5045 of the south: H776 into the land H6869 of trouble H6695 and anguish, H3833 from from where come the young H3918 and old lion, H660 the viper H8314 and fiery H5774 flying H8314 serpent, H5375 they will carry H2428 their riches H3802 upon the shoulders H5895 of young donkeys, H214 and their treasures H1707 upon the bunches H1581 of camels, H5971 to a people H3276 that shall not profit them.

Isaiah 65:13

  13 H559 Therefore thus says H136 the Lord H3069 God, H5650 Behold, my servants H398 shall eat, H7456 but you shall be hungry: H5650 behold, my servants H8354 shall drink, H6770 but you shall be thirsty: H5650 behold, my servants H8055 shall rejoice, H954 but you shall be ashamed:

Jeremiah 48:44

  44 H5127 He that flees H6440 from H6343 the fear H5307 shall fall H6354 into the pit; H5927 and he that gets up H6354 out of the pit H3920 shall be taken H6341 in the snare: H935 for I will bring H4124 upon it, even upon Moab, H8141 the year H6486 of their visitation, H5002 says H3068 the Lord.

Ezekiel 4:16-17

  16 H559 Moreover he said H1121 unto me, Son H120 of man, H7665 behold, I will break H4294 the staff H3899 of bread H3389 in Jerusalem: H398 and they shall eat H3899 bread H4948 by weight, H1674 and with care; H8354 and they shall drink H4325 water H4884 by measure, H8078 and with astonishment:
  17 H2637 That they may want H3899 bread H4325 and water, H8074 and be astonished H376 one H251 with another, H4743 and consume away H5771 for their iniquity.

Ezekiel 5:12

  12 H7992 A third part H4191 of you shall die H1698 with the pestilence, H7458 and with famine H3615 shall they be consumed H8432 in the midst H7992 of you: and a third part H5307 shall fall H2719 by the sword H5439 round about H2219 you; and I will scatter H7992 a third part H7307 into all the winds, H7324 and I will draw out H2719 a sword H310 after them.

Hosea 4:10

  10 H398 For they shall eat, H7646 and not have enough: H2181 they shall commit whoredom, H6555 and shall not increase: H5800 because they have left off H8104 to take care H3068 to the Lord.

Amos 2:14-16

  14 H4498 Therefore the flight H6 shall perish H7031 from the swift, H2389 and the strong H553 shall not strengthen H3581 his force, H1368 neither shall the mighty H4422 deliver H5315 himself:
  15 H5975 Neither shall he stand H8610 that handles H7198 the bow; H7031 and he that is swift H7272 of foot H4422 shall not deliver H7392 himself: neither shall he that rides H5483 the horse H4422 deliver H5315 himself.
  16 H533 And he that is courageous H1368 among the mighty H5127 shall flee away H6174 naked H3117 in that day, H5002 says H3068 the Lord.

Amos 9:1-4

  1 H7200 I saw H136 the Lord H5324 standing H4196 upon the altar: H559 and he said, H5221 Strike H3730 the lintel of the door, H5592 that the posts H7493 may shake: H1214 and cut H7218 them in the head, H2026 all of them; and I will kill H319 the last H2719 of them with the sword: H5127 he that flees H5127 of them shall not flee away, H6412 and he that escapes H4422 of them shall not be delivered.
  2 H2864 Though they dig H7585 into hell, H3027 there shall my hand H3947 take H5927 them; though they climb up H8064 to heaven, H3381 there will I bring them down:
  3 H2244 And though they hide H7218 themselves in the top H3760 of Carmel, H2664 I will search H3947 and take them out H5641 from there; and though they are hidden H5869 from my sight H7172 in the bottom H3220 of the sea, H6680 there will I command H5175 the serpent, H5391 and he shall bite them:
  4 H3212 And though they go H7628 into captivity H6440 before H341 their enemies, H6680 there will I command H2719 the sword, H2026 and it shall kill H7760 them: and I will set H5869 my eyes H7451 upon them for evil, H2896 and not for good.

Haggai 1:6

  6 H2232 You have sown H7235 much, H935 and bring H4592 in little; H398 you eat, H7654 but you have not enough; H8354 you drink, H7937 but you are not filled with drink; H3847 you clothe H2527 yourself, but there is no one warm; H7936 and he that earns wages H7936 earns wages H6872 to put it into a bag H5344 with holes.

Haggai 2:16

  16 H935 Since those days were, when one came H6194 to a heap H6242 of twenty H6235 measures, there were but ten: H935 when one came H3342 to the winevat H2834 for to draw out H2572 fifty H6333 vessels out of the press, H6242 there were but twenty.

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