Lamentations 3:7 Cross References - CKJV_Strongs

  7 H1443 He has hedged H3318 me about, that I cannot get out: H5178 he has made my chain H3513 heavy.

Job 3:23

  23 H1397 Why is light given to a man H1870 whose way H5641 is hid, H433 and whom God H5526 has hedged in?

Job 19:8

  8 H1443 He has fenced up H734 my way H5674 that I cannot pass, H7760 and he has set H2822 darkness H5410 in my paths.

Psalms 88:8

  8 H7368 You have put away H3045 my acquaintance H7368 far H7896 from me; you have made H8441 me a abomination H3607 unto them: I am shut up, H3318 and I cannot come forth.

Jeremiah 38:6

  6 H3947 Then took H3414 they Jeremiah, H7993 and cast H953 him into the dungeon H4441 of Malchiah H1121 the son H4428 of Hammelech, H2691 that was in the court H4307 of the prison: H7971 and they let down H3414 Jeremiah H2256 with cords. H953 And in the dungeon H4325 there was no water, H2916 but mire: H3414 so Jeremiah H2883 sunk H2916 in the mire.

Jeremiah 40:4

  4 H6605 And now, behold, I loose H3117 you this day H246 from the chains H3027 which were upon your hand. H2896 If it seem good H935 unto you to come H894 with me into Babylon, H935 come; H7760 and I will look well H7489 unto you: but if it seem ill H935 unto you to come H894 with me into Babylon, H2308 forbear: H7200 behold, H776 all the land H6440 is before H413 you: where it seems H2896 good H3477 and convenient H3212 for you to go, H3212 there go.

Lamentations 1:14

  14 H5923 The yoke H6588 of my transgressions H8244 is bound H3027 by his hand: H8276 they are wreathed, H5927 and come up H6677 upon my neck: H3581 he has made my strength H3782 to fall, H136 the Lord H5414 has delivered H3027 me into their hands, H3201 from whom I am not able H6965 to rise up.

Lamentations 3:9

  9 H1443 He has enclosed H1870 my ways H1496 with cut stone, H5410 he has made my paths H5753 crooked.

Lamentations 5:5

  5 H6677 Our necks H7291 are under persecution: H3021 we labor, H5117 and have no rest.

Daniel 9:12

  12 H6965 And he has confirmed H1697 his words, H1696 which he spoke H8199 against us, and against our judges H8199 that judged H935 us, by bringing H1419 upon us a great H7451 evil: H8064 for under the whole heaven H6213 has not been done H6213 as has been done H3389 upon Jerusalem.

Hosea 2:6

  6 H7753 Therefore, behold, I will hedge H1870 up your way H5518 with thorns, H1443 and make H1447 a wall, H4672 that she shall not find H5410 her paths.

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