Exodus 22:16 Cross References - CKJV_Strongs

  16 H376 And if a man H6601 entice H1330 a maid H781 that is not married, H7901 and lie H4117 with her, he shall surely H4117 endow H802 her to be his wife.

Genesis 34:2-4

  2 H7927 And when Shechem H1121 the son H2544 of Hamor H2340 the Hivite, H5387 prince H776 of the country, H7200 saw H3947 her, he took H7901 her, and lay H6031 with her, and defiled her.
  3 H5315 And his soul H1692 joined H1783 unto Dinah H1323 the daughter H3290 of Jacob, H157 and he loved H5291 the damsel, H1696 and spoke H3820 kindly H5291 unto the damsel.
  4 H7927 And Shechem H559 spoke H1 unto his father H2544 Hamor, H559 saying, H3947 Get H3207 me this girl H802 to wife.

Deuteronomy 22:28-29

  28 H376 If a man H4672 find H5291 a girl H1330 that is a virgin, H781 which is not married, H8610 and lay hold H7901 on her, and lie H4672 with her, and they be found;
  29 H376 Then the man H7901 that lay H5414 with her shall give H5291 unto the damsel's H1 father H2572 fifty H3701 shekels of silver, H802 and she shall be his wife; H6031 because he has humbled H3201 her, he may H7971 not put her away H3117 all his days.

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