1 Samuel 15:32 Cross References - CKJV_Strongs

  32 H559 Then said H8050 Samuel, H5066 Bring you here H90 to me Agag H4428 the king H6002 of the Amalekites. H90 And Agag H3212 came H4574 unto him delicately. H90 And Agag H559 said, H403 Surely H4751 the bitterness H4194 of death H5493 is past.

Jeremiah 48:44

  44 H5127 He that flees H6440 from H6343 the fear H5307 shall fall H6354 into the pit; H5927 and he that gets up H6354 out of the pit H3920 shall be taken H6341 in the snare: H935 for I will bring H4124 upon it, even upon Moab, H8141 the year H6486 of their visitation, H5002 says H3068 the Lord.

1 Thessalonians 5:3

  3 G1063 For G3752 when G3004 they shall say, G1515 Peace G2532 and G803 safety; G5119 then G160 sudden G3639 destruction G2186 comes G846 upon them, G5618 as G5604 hardship G3588 upon G2192 a woman G1722 with G1064 child; G2532 and G1628 they shall G3361 not G3756 escape.

Revelation 18:7

  7 G3745 How much G1392 she has glorified G1438 herself, G2532 and G4763 lived deliciously, G5118 so much G929 torment G2532 and G3997 sorrow G1325 give G846 her: G3754 for G3004 she said G1722 in G846 her G2588 heart, G2521 I sit G938 a queen, G2532 and G1510 am G3756 no G5503 widow, G2532 and G1492 shall see G3756 no G3361   G3997 sorrow.

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