1 Peter 4:14 Cross References - CKJV_Strongs

  14 G1487 If G3679 you are reproached G1722 for G3686 the name G5547 of Christ, G3107 happy G3754 are you; for G4151 the spirit G1391 of glory G2532 and G2316 of God G373 rests G1909 upon G5209 you: G2596 on G846 their G2596 part G987 he is evil spoken of, G1161 but G2596 on G5209 your G2596 part G1392 he is glorified.

Numbers 11:25-26

  25 H3068 And the Lord H3381 came down H6051 in a cloud, H1696 and spoke H680 unto him, and took H7307 of the spirit H5414 that was upon him, and gave H7657 it unto the seventy H2205 elders: H7307 and it came to pass, that, when the spirit H5117 rested H5012 upon them, they prophesied, H3254 but did not any more.
  26 H7604 But there remained H8147 two H582 of the men H4264 in the camp, H8034 the name H259 of the one H419 was Eldad, H8034 and the name H8145 of the other H4312 Medad: H7307 and the spirit H5117 rested H3789 upon them; and they were of them that were written, H3318 but went not out H168 unto the tabernacle: H5012 and they prophesied H4264 in the camp.

1 Kings 10:8

  8 H835 Happy H582 are your men, H835 happy H5650 are these your servants, H5975 which stand H8548 continually H6440 before H8085 you, and that hear H2451 your wisdom.

2 Kings 2:15

  15 H1121 And when the sons H5030 of the prophets H3405 which were to view at Jericho H7200 saw H559 him, they said, H7307 The spirit H452 of Elijah H5117 does rest H477 on Elisha. H935 And they came H7125 to meet H7812 him, and bowed H776 themselves to the ground before him.

Psalms 32:1-2

  1 H835 Blessed H6588 is he whose transgression H5375 is forgiven, H2401 whose sin H3680 is covered.
  2 H835 Blessed H120 is the man H3068 unto whom the Lord H2803 imputes H5771 not iniquity, H7307 and in whose spirit H7423 there is no guile.

Psalms 49:9

  9 H2421 That he should still live H5331 for ever, H7200 and not see H7845 corruption.

Psalms 89:51

  51 H341 With which your enemies H2778 have reproached, H3068 O Lord; H2778 with which they have reproached H6119 the footsteps H4899 of your anointed.

Psalms 146:5

  5 H835 Happy H410 is he that has the God H3290 of Jacob H5828 for his help, H7664 whose hope H3068 is in the Lord H430 his God:

Isaiah 11:2

  2 H7307 And the spirit H3068 of the Lord H5117 shall rest H7307 upon him, the spirit H2451 of wisdom H998 and understanding, H7307 the spirit H6098 of counsel H1369 and might, H7307 the spirit H1847 of knowledge H3374 and of the fear H3068 of the Lord;

Isaiah 51:7

  7 H8085 Listen H3045 unto me, you that know H6664 righteousness, H5971 the people H3820 in whose heart H8451 is my law; H3372 fear H2781 you not the reproach H582 of men, H2865 neither be you afraid H1421 of their revilings.

Matthew 5:11

  11 G3107 Blessed G2075 are you, G3752 when G3679 men shall revile G5209 you, G2532 and G1377 persecute G2532 you, and G2036 shall say G3956 all manner of G4190 evil G4487   G2596 against G5216 you G5574 falsely, G1752 for G1700 my G1752 sake.

Matthew 5:16

  16 G5216 Let your G5457 light G3779 so G2989 shine G1715 before G444 men, G3704 that G1492 they may see G5216 your G2570 good G2041 works, G2532 and G1392 glorify G5216 your G3962 Father G3588 which is G1722 in G3772 heaven.

Luke 6:22

  22 G3107 Blessed G2075 are you, G3752 when G444 men G3404 shall hate G5209 you, G2532 and G3752 when G873 they shall separate G5209 you G2532 from their company, and G3679 shall reproach G2532 you, and G1544 cast out G5216 your G3686 name G5613 as G4190 evil, G1752 for G5207 the Son G444 of man's G5207 sake.

John 7:47-52

  47 G3767 Then G611 answered G846 them G5330 the Pharisees, G4105 Are G5210 you G3361 also G2532   G4105 deceived?
  48 G4100 Have G5100 any G1537 of G758 the rulers G2228 or G1537 of G5330 the Pharisees G4100 believed G1519 in G846 him?
  49 G235 But G3778 this G3793 people G1097 who knows G3361 not G3551 the law G1526 are G1944 cursed.
  50 G3530 Nicodemus G3004 said G4314 to G846 them, G2064 (he that came G4314 to G846 Jesus G3571 by night, G5607 being G1520 one G1537 of G846 them,)
  51 G2257 Does our G3551 law G2919 judge G3361 any man, G4386 before G191 it hears G3844   G846 him, G2532 and G1097 knows G5101 what G4160 he does?
  52 G611 They answered G2532 and G2036 said G3361 to him, G1488 Are G4771 you G2532 also G1537 of G1056 Galilee? G2045 Search, G2532 and G1492 look: G3754 for G1537 out of G1056 Galilee G1453 arises G3756 no G4396 prophet.

John 8:48

  48 G3767 Then G611 answered G2453 the Jews, G2532 and G2036 said G846 to him, G3004 Say G2249 we G3756 not G2573 well G3754 that G4771 you G1488 are G4541 a Samaritan, G2532 and G2192 have G1140 a devil?

John 9:28

  28 G3767 Then G3058 they reviled G846 him, G2532 and G2036 said, G4771 You G1488 are G1565 his G3101 disciple; G1161 but G2249 we G2070 are G3475 Moses' G3101 disciples.

John 9:34

  34 G611 They answered G2532 and G2036 said G846 to him, G4771 You G1080 were G3650 altogether G1080 born G1722 in G266 sin, G2532 and G1321 do G4771 you G1321 teach G2248 us? G2532 And G1544 they cast G846 him G1854 out.

John 15:21

  21 G235 But G3956 all G5023 these things G4160 will they do G5213 to you G1223 for G3450 my G3686 name's sake, G3754 because G1492 they know G3756 not G3588 him G3992 that sent G3165 me.

Acts 13:45

  45 G1161 But G1492 when G2453 the Jews G1492 saw G3793 the multitudes, G4130 they were filled G2205 with envy, G2532 and G483 spoke against G3004 those things which were spoken G5259 by G3972 Paul, G483 contradicting G2532 and G987 blaspheming.

Acts 18:6

  6 G1161 And G498 when they opposed G846 them, G2532 and G987 blasphemed, G1621 he shook G2440 his clothes, G2036 and said G4314 to G846 them, G5216 Your G129 blood G1909 be upon G5216 your own G2776 heads; G1473 I G2513 am clean: G575 from G3568 henceforth G4198 I will go G1519 to G1484 the Nations.

2 Corinthians 12:10

  10 G1352 Therefore G2106 I take pleasure G1722 in G769 infirmities, G1722 in G5196 reproaches, G1722 in G318 necessities, G1722 in G1375 persecutions, G1722 in G4730 distresses G5228 for G5547 Christ's sake: G1063 for G3752 when G770 I am weak, G5119 then G1510 am I G1415 strong.

Galatians 1:24

  24 G2532 And G1392 they glorified G2316 God G1722 in G1698 me.

2 Thessalonians 1:10-12

  10 G3752 When G2064 he shall come G1740 to be glorified G1722 in G846 his G40 saints, G2532 and G2296 to be admired G1722 in G3956 all G4100 them that believe G3754 (because G2257 our G3142 testimony G1909 among G5209 you G4100 was believed) G1722 in G1565 that G2250 day.
  11 G1519 Therefore G2532 also G4336 we pray G3842 always G4012 for G5216 you, G2443 that G2257 our G2316 God G515 would count G5209 you G515 worthy G2821 of G2821 this calling, G2532 and G4137 fulfill G3956 all G2107 the good pleasure G19 of G19 his goodness, G2532 and G2041 the work G4102 of faith G1722 with G1411 power:
  12 G3704 That G3686 the name G2257 of our G2962 Lord G2424 Jesus G5547 Christ G1740 may be glorified G1722 in G5213 you, G2532 and G5210 you G1722 in G846 him, G2596 according to G5485 the grace G2257 of our G2316 God G2532 and G2962 the Lord G2424 Jesus G5547 Christ.

Hebrews 11:26

  26 G2233 Esteeming G3680 the reproach G5547 of Christ G3173 greater G4149 riches G2344 than the treasures G1722 in G125 Egypt: G1063 for G578 he had respect G1519 unto G3405 the recompense of the reward.

James 1:12

  12 G3107 Blessed G435 is the man G3739 that G5278 endures G3986 temptation: G3754 for G1096 when he is G1384 tried, G2983 he shall receive G4735 the crown G2222 of life, G3739 which G2962 the Lord G1861 has promised G3588 to them G25 that love G846 him.

James 5:11

  11 G2400 Behold, G3106 we count G3588 them G3106 happy G5278 which endure. G191 You have heard G5281 of the patience G2492 of Job, G2532 and G1492 have seen G5056 the end G2962 of the Lord; G3754 that G2962 the Lord G2076 is G4184 very compassionate, G2532 and G3629 of tender mercy.

1 Peter 2:12

  12 G2192 Having G5216 your G391 behavior G2570 honest G1722 among G1484 the Gentiles: G2443 that, G1722 when G3739   G2635 they speak against G5216 you G5613 as G2555 evildoers, G1392 they may G1537 by G2570 your good G2041 works, G2029 which they shall behold, G1392 glorify G2316 God G1722 in G2250 the day G1984 of visitation.

1 Peter 2:19-20

  19 G1063 For G5124 this G5485 is thankworthy, G1487 if G5100 a man G1223 for G4893 conscience G2316 toward God G5297 endures G3077 grief, G3958 suffering G95 wrongfully.
  20 G1063 For G4169 what G2811 glory G1487 is it, if, G2532 when G2852 you are beaten G264 for your faults, G5278 you take it patiently? G235 But G1487 if, G15 when you do well, G2532 and G3958 suffer G5278 for it, you take it patiently, G5124 this G5485 is acceptable G3844 with G2316 God.

1 Peter 3:14

  14 G235 But, G2532 and G1487 if, G3958 you suffer G1223 for G1343 righteousness' sake, G3107 happy G1161 are you: and G5399 be G3361 not G5399 afraid G846 of their G5401 terror, G3366 neither G5015 be troubled;

1 Peter 3:16

  16 G2192 Having G18 a good G4893 conscience; G2443 that, G1722 whereas G3739   G2635 they speak evil G5216 of you, G5613 as G2555 of evildoers, G2617 they may be ashamed G1908 that falsely accuse G5216 your G18 good G391 conversation G1722 in G5547 Christ.

1 Peter 4:4-5

  4 G1722 Where G3739   G3579 they think it strange G5216 that you G4936 run G3361 not G1519 with G1519 them to G846 the same G401 excess G810 of riot, G987 speaking evil of you:
  5 G3739 Who G591 shall give G3056 account G2192 to him that is G2093 ready G2919 to judge G2198 the living G2532 and G3498 the dead.

2 Peter 2:2

  2 G2532 And G4183 many G1811 shall follow G846 their G684 pernicious ways; G1223 by reason of G3739 whom G3598 the way G225 of truth G987 shall be evil spoken of.

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