Numbers 32:22 Cross References - Brenton

22 and the land shall be subdued before the Lord, then afterwards ye shall return, and be guiltless before the Lord, and as regards Israel; and this land shall be to you for a possession before the Lord.

Deuteronomy 3:12-18

12 And we inherited that land at that time from Aroer, which is by the border of the torrent Arnon, and half the mount of Galaad; and I gave his cities to Ruben and to Gad. 13 And the rest of Galaad, and all Basan the kingdom of Og I gave to the half-tribe of Manasse, and all the country round about Argob, all that Basan; it shall be accounted the land of Raphain. 14 And Jair the son of Manasse took all the country round about Argob as far as the borders of Gargasi and Machathi: he called them by his name Basan Thavoth Jair until this day. 15 And to Machir I gave Galaad. 16 And to Ruben and to Gad I gave the land under Galaad as far as the brook of Arnon, the border between the brook and as far as Jaboc; the brook is the border to the children Amman. 17 And Araba and Jordan are the boundary of Machanareth, even to the sea of Araba, the salt sea under Asedoth Phasga eastward. 18 And I charged you at that time, saying, The Lord your God has given you this land by lot; arm yourselves, every one that is powerful, and go before your brethren the children of Israel.

Deuteronomy 3:20

20 until the Lord your God give your brethren rest, as also he has given to you, and they also shall inherit the land, which the Lord our God gives them on the other side of Jordan; then ye shall return, each one to his inheritance which I have given you.

Joshua 1:15

15 until the Lord your God shall have given your brethren rest, as also to you, and they also shall have inherited the land, which the Lord your God gives them; then ye shall depart each one to his inheritance, which Moses gave you beyond Jordan eastward.

Joshua 2:19

19 And it shall come to pass that whosoever shall go outside the door of thy house, his guilt shall be upon him, and we shall be quit of this thine oath; and we will be responsible for all that shall be found with thee in thy house.

Joshua 10:30

30 And the Lord delivered it into the hands of Israel: and they took it, and its king, and slew the inhabitants with the edge of the sword, and every thing breathing in it; and there was not left in it any that survived and escaped; and they did to its king, as they did to the king of Jericho.

Joshua 10:42

42 And Joshua smote, once for all, all their kings, and their land, because the Lord God of Israel fought on the side of Israel.

Joshua 11:23

23 And Joshua took all the land, as the Lord commanded Moses; and Joshua gave them for an inheritance to Israel by division according to their tribes; and the land ceased from war.

Joshua 13:8

8 From Jordan to the great sea westward thou shalt give it them: the great sea shall be the boundary. But to the two tribes and to the half tribe of Manasse, to Ruben and to Gad Moses gave an inheritance beyond Jordan: Moses the servant of the Lord gave it to them eastward,

Joshua 13:29-32

29 And Moses gave to half the tribe of Manasse according to their families. 30 And their borders were from Maan, and all the kingdom of Basan, and all the kingdom of Og king of Basan, and all the villages of Jair, which are in the region of Basan, sixty cities: 31 and the half of Galaad, and in Astaroth, and in Edrain, royal cities of Og in the land of Basan, Moses gave to the sons of Machir the sons of Manasse, even to the half-tribe sons of Machir the sons of Manasse, according to their families. 32 These are they whom Moses caused to inherit beyond Jordan in Araboth Moab, beyond Jordan by Jericho eastward.

Joshua 18:1

1 And all the congregation of the children of Israel were assembled at Selo, and there they pitched the tabernacle of witness; and the land was subdued by them.

Joshua 22:4

4 And now the Lord our God has given our brethren rest, as he told them: now then return and depart to your homes, and to the land of your possession, which Moses gave you on the other side Jordan.

Joshua 22:9

9 So the sons of Ruben, and the sons of Gad, and the half tribe of Manasse, departed from the children of Israel in Selo in the land of Chanaan, to go away into Galaad, into the land of their possession, which they inherited by the command of the Lord, by the hand of Moses.

2 Samuel 3:28

28 And David heard of it afterwards, and said, I and my kingdom are guiltless before the Lord even for ever of the blood of Abenner the son of Ner.

Psalms 44:1-4

1 (43:1) For the end, a Psalm for instruction, for the sons of Core. O God, we have heard with our ears, our fathers have told us, the work which thou wroughtest in their days, in the days of old. 2 (43:2) Thine hand utterly destroyed the heathen, and thou didst plant them: thou didst afflict the nations, and cast them out. 3 (43:3) For they inherited not the land by their own sword, and their own arm did not deliver them; but thy right hand, and thine arm, and the light of thy countenance, because thou wert well pleased in them. 4 (43:4) Thou art indeed my King and my God, who commandest deliverances for Jacob.

Psalms 78:55

55 (77:55) And he cast out the nations from before them, and made them to inherit by a line of inheritance, and made the tribes of Israel to dwell in their tents.

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