Nehemiah 3:5 Cross References - Brenton

5 And next to them the Thecoim took their place; but the Adorim applied not their neck to their service.

Judges 5:23

23 to curse Meroz: Curse ye it, said the angel of the Lord; cursed is every one that dwells in it, because they came not to the help of the Lord, to his help among the mighty.

2 Samuel 14:2

2 And Joab sent to Thecoe, and took thence a cunning woman, and said to her, Mourn, I pray thee, and put on mourning apparel, and anoint thee not with oil, and thou shalt be as a woman mourning for one that is dead thus for many days.

Nehemiah 3:27

27 And after them the Thecoim repaired, another portion opposite the great projecting tower, even as far as the wall of Ophla.

Jeremiah 5:4-5

4 Then I said, It may be they are poor; for they are weak, for they know not the way of the Lord, or the judgment of God. 5 I will go to the rich men, and will speak to them; for they have known the way of the Lord, and the judgment of God: but, behold, with one consent they have broken the yoke, they have burst the bonds.

Jeremiah 27:2

2 (34:2) Thus said the Lord; Make to thyself bonds and yokes, and put them about thy neck,

Jeremiah 27:8

8 (34:8) And the nation and kingdom, all that shall not put their neck under the yoke of the king of Babylon, with sword and famine will I visit them, saith the Lord, until they are consumed by his hand.

Jeremiah 27:12

12 (34:12) I spoke also to Sedekias king of Juda according to all these words, saying, Put your neck into the yoke, and serve the king of Babylon.

Jeremiah 30:8-9

8 (37:8) In that day, said the Lord, I will break the yoke off their neck, and will burst their bonds, and they shall no longer serve strangers: 9 (37:9) but they shall serve the Lord their God; and I will raise up to them David their king.

Amos 1:1

1 The words of Amos which came to him in Accarim out of Thecue, which he saw concerning Jerusalem, in the days of Ozias king of Juda, and in the days of Jeroboam the son of Joas king of Israel, two years before the earthquake.

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