Luke 1:1 Cross References - Bishops

1 Forasmuche as manye haue taken in hande, to set foorth in order, ye declaration of those thynges whiche are moste surelye to be beleued among vs

John 20:31

31 These are written, that ye myght beleue that Iesus is Christe the sonne of God, and that in beleuyng, ye myght haue lyfe through his name

Acts 1:1-3

1 In ye former treatise O Theophilus, we haue spoke of all that Iesus began to do and teache 2 Untyll the day in which he was take vp, after that he through the holy ghost, had geuen commaundementes vnto the Apostles, whom he had chosen 3 To whom also he shewed hym selfe alyue after his passion, and that by manye tokens, appearyng vnto them fourtie dayes, and speaking of the kingdome of God

1 Timothy 3:16

16 And without doubt, great is that misterie of godlynesse: God was shewed in the flesshe, was iustified in the spirite, was seene among the angels, was preached vnto the gentiles, was beleued on in the worlde, and was receaued vp in glorie

2 Timothy 4:17

17 Notwithstandyng, the Lorde assisted me, and strengthed me, that by me the preachyng should be fulfylled to the vtmost, and that all the gentiles should heare, and I was deliuered out of the mouth of the Lion

2 Peter 1:16-19

16 For we haue not folowed deceitfull fables, when we opened vnto you the power and commyng of our Lorde Iesus Christe, but with our eyes we sawe his maiestie 17 Euen then veryly when he receaued of God the father honour and glorie, & when there came suche a voyce to hym from the excellent glorie: This is my deare beloued sonne in whom I delyte 18 This voyce we heard come from heauen, when we were with him in the holye mount 19 We haue also a ryght sure worde of prophesie, wherevnto yf ye take heede, as vnto a lyght that shyneth in a darke place, ye do well, vntyll the day dawne, and the day starre arise in your heartes

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