Lamentations 3:41 Cross References - Bishops

41 Let vs lift our heartes with our handes vnto the Lorde that is in heauen

Psalms 25:1

1 (25:1a) I lyft vp my soule vnto thee O God

Psalms 28:2

2 Heare the voyce of my humble petitions when I crye vnto thee: when I holde vp my handes towarde thy holy place where thy arke is

Psalms 63:4

4 (63:5) As long as I liue I wyll blesse thee on this maner: and in thy name I wyll lyft vp my handes

Psalms 86:4

4 Comfort the soule of thy seruaunt: for vnto thee O Lord do I lift vp my soule

Psalms 141:2

2 Let my prayer be directed before thy face [as] an incense: let the liftyng vp of mine handes [be] an euenyng sacrifice

Psalms 143:6-8

6 I stretche foorth myne handes vnto thee: my soule as a thirstie lande [gaspeth] vnto thee. Selah 7 Make speede, hearken vnto me O God, my spirite waxeth faynt: hyde not thy face from me, for I am lyke vnto them that go downe into the pyt 8 Cause me to heare of thy louyng kindnesse betymes in the mornyng: for in thee is my trust. (143:9) Make me to knowe the way that I shoulde walke in: for I lyft vp my soule vnto thee

1 Thessalonians 2:8

8 So, beyng tenderly affected towarde you, our good wyll was to haue dealt vnto you, not the Gospell of God only: but also our owne soules, because ye were deare vnto vs

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