Joshua 3:8 Cross References - Bishops

8 And thou shalt comaunde ye priestes that beare the arke of the couenaunt, saying: when ye are come to the edge of the waters of Iordane, ye shall stande still in Iordane

Exodus 14:13

13 And Moyses saide vnto the people: Feare ye not, stande styll, and beholde the saluation of the Lorde whiche he wyll shewe to you this day: For ye that haue seene the Egyptians this day, shal see them no more for euer

Joshua 3:3

3 And commaunded the people, saying: When ye see the arke of the testament of the Lorde your God, and the priestes that are Leuites bearing it, ye shall depart from your place, and go after it

Joshua 3:17

17 And the priestes that bare the arke of the couenaunt of the Lorde, stoode drie within Iordane, redy prepared, and all the Israelites went ouer thorowe the drie, vntill all the people were gone cleane ouer thorowe Iordane

1 Chronicles 15:11-12

11 And Dauid called Zadoc and Abiathar the priestes: and the Leuites, Uzziel, Asaia, Ioel, Semaia, Eliel, and Aminadab 12 And saide vnto them: Ye that are the principall fathers of the Leuites, see that ye be holy with your brethren, that ye may bring in the arke of the Lorde God of Israel vnto the place that I haue prepared for it

2 Chronicles 17:8-9

8 And with them he sent Leuites, euen Semeiahu, Nethaniahu, Zebadiahu, Asael, Semiramoth, Iehonathan, Adoniahu, Tobiahu, & Tob adoniahu, & with them Elisama, and Iehoram, priestes 9 And they taught in Iuda, and had the booke of the lawe of God with them, and went about throughout all the cities of Iuda, and taught the people

2 Chronicles 29:4-11

4 And he brought in the priestes and the Leuites, and gathered them together into the east streate 5 And saide vnto them: Heare me ye Leuites, and now be sanctified and halow the house of the Lorde God of your fathers, bring filthynesse out of the holy place 6 For our fathers haue trespassed, and done euill in the eyes of the Lorde our God, and haue forsaken him, and turned away their faces from the habitation of the Lord, and turned their backes on it 7 And beside that, they haue shut vp the doores of the porche, and quenched the lampes, and haue neither burnt incense, nor offered burnt offringes in the holy place vnto the God of Israel 8 Wherefore the wrath of the Lorde fell on Iuda & Hierusalem, and he hath brought them to trouble to be wondred on, & to be hissed at, euen as ye see with your eyes 9 For loe, our fathers were ouerthrowen with the sword, and our sonnes, our daughters, and our wyues were caried away captiue for the same cause 10 And now it is in myne heart to make a couenaunt with the Lord God of Israel, that he may turne away his heauy indignation from vs 11 Now therefore my sonnes, be not negligent: for the Lorde hath chosen you to stande before him, and for to minister and serue him, and to burne incense

2 Chronicles 29:15

15 And they gathered their brethren, and purified them selues, and came according to the commaundement of the king and the wordes of the Lord for to clense the house of the Lorde

2 Chronicles 29:27

27 And Hezekia commaunded to offer the burnt offring vpon the aulter: And when the burnt offring began, the song of the Lorde began also, and the trumpettes, with the instrumentes that were ordayned by the hand of Dauid king of Israel

2 Chronicles 29:30

30 And Hezekia the king and the lordes, spake to the Leuites to prayse the Lord with the wordes of Dauid & of Asaph the sear: And they sang prayses with gladnesse, and the other bowed them selues, and worshipped

2 Chronicles 30:12

12 And the hande of God was in Iuda, and he gaue them one heart to do the commmaundement of the king and of the rulers, according to the worde of the Lorde

2 Chronicles 31:9-10

9 And Hezekia questioned with the priestes and the Leuites concerning the heapes 10 And Azaria the chiefe priest of the house of Zador, aunswered him and saide: Since the people began to bryng the heaue offringes into the house of the Lorde, we also haue had inough to eate, there remayned so much: for the Lorde hath blessed his people, and this heape is left

2 Chronicles 35:2-6

2 And he set the priestes in their offices, and ayded them in the seruice of the house of the Lorde 3 And sayd vnto the Leuites that taught all Israel, and were sanctified vnto the Lorde: Put the holy arke in the house whiche Solomon the sonne of Dauid king of Israel dyd buylde, it shalbe no more a burden vpon your shoulders: But now serue the Lord your God, and his people Israel 4 And prepare your selues by your auncient housholdes, and companies, according to the writing of Dauid king of Israel, and the writing of Solomon his sonne 5 And stand in the holy place, according to the deuision of the auncient housholdes of your brethren the children of the people, and after the deuision of the auncient housholdes of the Leuites 6 Kill passouer, and sanctifie your selues, & prepare your brethren, that they may do according to the word of the Lord by the hande of Moyses

Nehemiah 12:24-28

24 And these were the chiefe among the Leuites: Hasabia, Serebia, and Iesua the sonne of Cadmiel, and their brethren in their presence, to geue prayse and thankes, according as Dauid the man of God had ordeyned it, one watch ouer against another 25 Mathania, Bacbukia, Obadia, Mesullam, Talmon, and Accub, were porters in the watch at the thresholdes of the gates 26 These were in the dayes of Ioiakim the sonne of Iesua, the sonne of Iosedec, and in the dayes of Nehemia the captayne, & of the priest Esdras the scribe 27 And in the dedication of the wall at Hierusalem they fought the Leuites out of all their places, that they might be brought to Hierusalem, to kepe the dedication and gladnesse with thankesgeuinges, & singing, with cymbales, psalteries, and harpes 28 And the children of the singers gathered them selues together from euery side, out of the playne countrey about Hierusalem, and from the villages of Nethophathi

Nehemiah 13:22

22 And I said vnto the Leuites, that they should clense them selues, and that they shoulde come and kepe the gates, to halowe the Sabboth day: Thinke vpon me O my God concerning this also, and spare me, according to thy great mercie

Nehemiah 13:28

28 And one of the children of Iehoiada the sonne of Eliasib the hye priest, was the sonne in law of Sanaballat the Horonite: but I chased him from me

Lamentations 3:26

26 The good man with stilnesse and pacience, taryeth for the health of the Lorde

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