1 Chronicles 5:20 Cross References - Bishops

20 And they were helped [of the Lorde] against them, and the Hagarites were deliuered into their hande, and so were all that were with them: For they cryed to God in the battayle, and he heard them, because they put their trust in him

Exodus 17:11

11 And it came to passe, that when Moyses helde vp his hande, Israel had the better: and when he let his hande downe, Amelec had the better

Joshua 10:14

14 And there was no day like that before it or after it, that the Lorde hearde the voyce of a man: for the Lorde fought for Israel

Joshua 10:42

42 And all these kinges and their lande dyd Iosuah take at one time: because the Lord God of Israel fought for Israel

1 Samuel 7:12

12 And then Samuel toke a stone, and pitched it betweene Mispah & Shen, and called the name thereof Eben ezer, saying: Hitherto hath the Lorde helped vs

1 Samuel 19:15

15 And Saul sent the messengers againe to see Dauid, saying: Bring him to me bed and all, that I may slay him

1 Kings 8:44-45

44 If thy people go out to battell against their enemie whythersoeuer thou shalt send them, and shal pray vnto the Lord [toward] the way of the citie which thou hast chosen, and [toward] the house that I haue built for thy name 45 Heare thou in heauen their prayer and supplication, and iudge their cause

1 Kings 22:32

32 And when the captaynes of the charets saw Iehosaphat, they sayd: Surely it is the king of Israel. And they turned to fight against him: And Iehosaphat cryed

1 Chronicles 5:22

22 And there fell many wounded, because the warre was of God: And they dwelt in their steades, vntill the time that they were caryed away

2 Chronicles 13:13-15

13 But for all that, Ieroboam conuayed men priuyly about, to come behinde the: and so they were before Iuda, and the layers in wayte were behinde them 14 And when they of Iuda loked about, beholde the battaile was before and behinde, and they cryed vnto the Lorde, and the priestes blewe with the trumpettes 15 And the men of Iuda gaue a showte: And as the men of Iuda showted, it came to passe that God smote Ieroboam and all Israel before Abia and Iuda

2 Chronicles 14:10-13

10 And Asa went out before him, and they ioyned the battaile in the valley of Zephata, beside Maresa 11 And Asa cryed vnto the Lorde his God, and saide: Lorde, it is no harde thing with thee to helpe with many or them that haue no power: Helpe vs therfore O Lorde our God, for we trust to thee, and in thy name we go against this multitude: Thou art the Lord our God, and no man shall preuaile against thee 12 So the Lord smote the blacke Moores before Asa and Iuda, and the blacke Moores fled 13 And Asa & the people that was with him, folowed after them vnto Gerar: And the blacke Moores hoast was ouerthrowen, that there was none of them left, but were destroyed before the Lord and before his hoast: And they caryed away a mightie great pray

2 Chronicles 18:31

31 And when the captaynes of the charets saw Iehosaphat, they sayd, It is ye king of Israel: And therfore they compassed about hym to fight. But Iehosaphat cried out, and the Lord helped him, and God chased them away from him

2 Chronicles 20:12

12 O our God, wilt thou not iudge them? for we haue no might against this great companie that commeth against vs: neither wote we what to do, but our eyes be vnto thee

2 Chronicles 32:20-21

20 But Hezekia the king, and the prophet Esai the sonne of Amos prayed against that [blasphemie,] and cried vp to heauen 21 And the Lord sent an angel, which destroyed all the men of warre and the lordes and captaynes of the hoast of the king of the Assyrians, that he turned his face againe with shame towarde his owne lande: And when he was come into the house of his god, they that came of his owne body slue him there with the sworde

Psalms 9:10

10 And they that knowe thy name wyll put their trust in thee: for thou O God hast neuer fayled them that seeke thee

Psalms 20:7-8

7 Some [put their trust] in chariotes, and some in horses: but we wyll remember the name of God our Lorde 8 They shalbe made to bowe and fall: but we shall arise, and stande vpright

Psalms 22:4-5

4 Our fathers hoped in thee: they trusted in thee, & thou didst deliuer them 5 They called vpon thee, and they were helped: they did put their trust in thee, and they were not confounded

Psalms 46:1

1 The Lorde is our refuge & strength: a helpe very easyly founde in troubles

Psalms 84:11-12

11 For God the Lorde is a sunne and a shielde: God geueth grace and worship, he withholdeth no good thyng from them that liue in any perfection 12 O God of hoastes: blessed is the man that putteth his trust in thee

Psalms 146:5-6

5 Who made heauen and earth, the sea and all that therin is: who mainteyneth the trueth for euer 6 Who executeth iudgement for those that are oppressed with wrong: who geueth foode to the hungry

Jeremiah 17:7-8

7 O blessed is the man that putteth his trust in the Lorde, and whose hope is in the Lorde hym selfe 8 For he shalbe as a tree that is planted by the water side, which spreadeth out the roote vnto moystnesse, whom the heate can not harme when it commeth, but his leafe shalbe greene: And though there growe but litle fruite because of drouth, yet is he not carefull, but he neuer leaueth of to bryng foorth fruite

Nahum 1:7

7 The Lord is gratious, a strong holde in the day of trouble, and knoweth them that trust in hym

Ephesians 1:12

12 That we shoulde be vnto the prayse of his glorie, whiche before beleued in Christe

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