Job 26:13 Cross References - BBE

13 By his wind the heavens become bright: by his hand the quickly moving snake was cut through.

Genesis 1:2

2 And the earth was waste and without form; and it was dark on the face of the deep: and the Spirit of God was moving on the face of the waters.

Psalms 33:6-7

6 By the word of the Lord were the heavens made; and all the army of heaven by the breath of his mouth. 7 He makes the waters of the sea come together in a mass; he keeps the deep seas in store-houses.

Psalms 74:13-14

13 The sea was parted in two by your strength; the heads of the great sea-beasts were broken. 14 The heads of the great snake were crushed by you; you gave them as food to the fishes of the sea.

Psalms 104:30

30 If you send out your spirit, they are given life; you make new the face of the earth.

Isaiah 27:1

1 In that day the Lord, with his great and strong and cruel sword, will send punishment on Leviathan, the quick-moving snake, and on Leviathan, the twisted snake; and he will put to death the dragon which is in the sea.

Revelation 12:9

9 And the great dragon was forced down, the old snake, who is named the Evil One and Satan, by whom all the earth is turned from the right way; he was forced down to the earth, and his angels were forced down with him.

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